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  1. Jerdoo

    Cologne/Bonn MSFS

    Thanks Joe! It looks way to good to not do something with
  2. A dream come true ... did a vid on this when I started and just was waiting to do one again ...
  3. Thanks guys ... moving over to P3D V3 for videomaking in a rather faster pace than expected. Not everything works the same as with FSX but a fast moving person with a suitcase or high speed cars doesn't hold me back from doing so
  4. Jerdoo


    Gracias guys, much appreciated
  5. My pleasure, thanks for watching!
  6. Thanks guys. The location just asked me to do a video. That's one awesome place to fly into and it's just great stuff
  7. Thanks. It's rather easy to find. 3 files should be disabled for me this is the location, F:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY\scenery go into that folder and search for KSMF. Either remove those files or rename them to ADEX_FTX_NCA_KSMF_Sacramento_Intl_CVX.bgl.OFF Be sure to check the other NCA folders as airport clutter may be visible and those have to be turned off as well True about me not being very active on the forums lately, busy with work and life
  8. Thanks. That's indeed ezdok and then it's the worldcam.
  9. Thanks Brett. I think that's just the looks but they are there
  10. Jerdoo

    FlyTampa Corfu

    Thanks guys. This was shot in FSX Joe
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