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  1. Thank you. And yeah, that is actually what I think as well. Sadly there is only the freeware Moo to compare it too and that would not have been a contest.... I also have the A2A Comanche, which I picked up actually for less than the Moo. These are the only planes I flew and that I have in the sim so I can do a qualified comment about. It is just another league. When I tried to extend flaps-to-brake-which-you-should-never-do-maneuver and the left flap hinge broke, I was blown away (and a little bit ashamed, because I had done that irl as well *cough*). So comparing that to the Moo would hav
  2. I took the plunge and bought an addon aircraft that I have flown in real life. Since I did not find a review of it here I wanted to share my thoughts and impressions with you and go from merely consuming to contributing The FlySimWare MU2B-60 is Twin Turbo Prop with a geared Turbine, that can cruise up to 30000 ft and up to 300kts TAS. It was produced from 1963 to 1986 in various models for a total of around 700 aircraft. One of its main features was the lack of conventional ailerons. Roll control is achieved by spoilers extending upward from the wings surfaces in order to reduce lift
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