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  1. Funta


    Great Shots, Alan. Did you provide the link for a download? Couldn't see it..
  2. I've an issue with timing during this mission. The references I have imply that takeoff timing was at 9.39pm for Gibson's takeoff. They also imply it was just before sunset. If I set the FS X date/time to 16th May 1943 9.39pm it's after sunset. Now I believe back then the UK and Germany were running on "Double Summer Time." If I set my date/time to 8.39pm sun position looks more like just pre-sunset. It looks as though FS X is running on "Single Summer Time," so for the lighting to be "Double Summer Time" I need to make all my times in FS X 1hr earlier than the document
  3. Hi, Addition of several scenery packages to my elderly smallish SSD C: drive has it maxing out. I've decided to install a separate much higher-capacity SSD devoted to FS X, meaning a complete reinstall of everything, to allow for my uncontrollable lust for new addons as they appear. I have a copy of FS X DeLuxe Edition from some years ago which is presumably ok, but given the cheap price of FS X Steam, Question: Is there any advantage in buying & installing a new FS X Steam ie any of the Sim code improved? (I don't need any extra aircraft), and are there any known p
  4. SOP for my old outfit: Pilot Flying says "GoRound" and pitches up, presses autothrottle toggle in front of thrust levers for GA thrust. Pilot Not Flying says "Positive Rate" by VSI. Pilot Flying says "Gear Up." Pilot Not Flying selects Gear Up.
  5. >So far, there are no photos or video of the accident aircraft on final showing whether the gear was in fact down or not . I hesitate to comment so early on. But I believe the tower gave a "check gear" call with the a/c on final. This is routine for military aircraft, but not for commercial. It may be usual at Dubai - don't know. I also believe a go-around was initiated for some reason. Either the gear wasn't down in the first place, OR possibly, the very high density altitude on this occasion may have led to a latish flare and hard touchdown, with a go-around being initiated. I
  6. I'm looking at a Moon in FS X for the 16th May 1943. By comparing with other "Moon Phase" web calculation sites, the phase looks close to right. I'm wondering is there is something buried in settings somewhere where I could adjust the amount of illumination this Phase provides to the ground/water in FS X - I'd like to brighten up the terrain a bit to make low-level flight a bit easier, and am still hoping for a way to remove all other ground illumination - towns, roads etc.
  7. >>One thought from PPRUNE last night is that the evacuation was aided by the fact that the gear was collapsed and the deck-to-ground distance was considerably less than if the AC were standing on it's own legs. Not sure about this comment.With the aircraft properly up on its gear, the slides are steep, and it's quick trip to the ground, so the rate of flow is faster, provided you can persuade the customers to go for it. Collapsed gear, with a shallow angled slide, is not the case they were designed for, although they remain usable. The operative phrase in drills I've particip
  8. I knew there was something wrong with my business model. Free. Obviously not right. I really need to get to know this site better. You've helped me with everything else, so no doubt there is a Forum Topic on how to make TerraBucks out of this... Yours, in grateful anticipation... Funta (and if you didn't get it, Funta=PHunter, phonetically). Rgds, Peter!!
  9. A close-up flyby or two of the Bridge and Opera House. Sydney Harbour - Bestest sight in the world coming home from overseas!
  10. Thanks, guys. Still getting to know the site. Just now I discovered the "File Library" area, with its prompt to "Submit a File" which I guess is what I was looking for. Yep, I'll package a ZIP file with just one plan to start with, including a text DOC file, to make sure I'm doing the right hing, and also make a post notifying I've done so.
  11. What's the best way to pass on to others, via a post, one or more detailed Flight Plans, in PlanG and FSX format, that I've created for the Dam Buster Mission?
  12. Funta


    Last night installed the Vineripesoftware ("Flightmap") mentioned above and it worked well with easy install and instant action. Very impressed. Best A$7 I've spent! So I build my flight plans in Plan-G, export them. Load into FSX, and they are auto-transferred to the Vine App on my 10" Samsung Android tablet. Real time display on Google Maps, with route, waypoints showing, and gauges on RHS - IAS, Hdg, Alt, Fuel Remaining. So I now have a choice of Naving with either (1) Garmin GPS on FSX full screen (crappy display) or (2) FSX windowed, with Plan-G windowed moving map (excellent map) or
  13. Further to my above: Specially equipped Mosquitoes from the British 654th Bombardment Squadron flew top secret “Redstocking” radio missions for the American OSS during 1944 and 1945. The aircraft, which were loaded with classified VHF transmitters and receivers codenamed Joan-Eleanors would fly night missions to relay radio transmissions between agents on the ground and headquarters in the U.K. The Mosquito was chosen for the job because of its long operating range, high speed and its ability to fly above the reach of anti-aircraft fire.
  14. I know the Lysanders (and Hudsons) did missions into France, but wasn't aware of any into Germany... There was the DC-3 operation into Poland to retrieve V2 parts, I think from a base in Italy. I remember reading somewhere there were some agents in Germany at one point, communicating using VHF with operators who were flown overhead in Mosquitos. Any of the above would make interesting Sim runs, but one would have to get detailed flight plans. We're very lucky the Dams raid documentation has survived, giving us the info we need to recreate.
  15. Let's try again: OK. I think that's better. I'm using FRAPS, which produces a prety largish AVI file. This file is a cut-back MP4. Suggestions on paramers for good resolution, without UTube getting upset about file sizes? Peter.
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