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  1. Hi All Thanks for all your comments. I've downloaded both the Cherokee and Comanche pilot's manuals, devoured them over the week, and they definitely seem like what I want. I must admit that the Comanche seems like a better option because of its higher speed (Thanks for the pointer, Captain Coffee). Brett, I'll have a look for the "all aircraft in one" link as soon as I've downloaded. CAT3508, why, in heaven's name, would you would to leave SA?? Especially Cape Town with the mountain and the sea, and four seasons in one day, and Jacob Zuma... But to not get
  2. Hi Joe Thanks for the response. As you may recall, () you gave the RealAir Legacy a 10/10 and realism played a huge part. I am looking for a complex GA single prop that is highly realistic (i.e. accurate flight characteristics, complete with any weird dynamics that may be present in the real aircraft), and that is served by impeccable documentation. I used to fly a real C172 about 20 years ago in Cape Town and I've recently purchased FSX:SE to get back into the more technical aspects of nav and flying by the numbers. One can only fart around for so long in clear skies d
  3. I am aware of the closing of RealAir but I would REALLY like to purchase the RealAir LAncair Legacy V2 that they developed - for its realism. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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