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  1. Thanks Joe. Please could you clarify what you mean when you wrote "from what you are saying it would be easier all round to get the 2GB card". Are you referring to the physical size of the card? The 2 GB card has the same dimensions as the 4 GB card, according to Amazon. Or are you referring to something else? Yes, I am aware of Steve's DX 10 fixer. From what I understand, DX10 transfers some of the load from the CPU to the GPU and can lead to better FPS and improved VAS usage. Adrian
  2. Thanks for your quick replies. I posted the same questions on another well known flight sim forum a week ago and have had no replies at all! Joe, what is the benefit of the 1050Ti over the standard 1050? Maybe it's the Ti that has 4 GB rather than just 2 GB? Because this card will occupy 2 slots, in my system it will sit very close to a small Wi-fi card in my case. Could this be a concern as regards the graphics card fan? The card requires just a PCI-express slot for power, but is there any reason why it wouldn't be compatible with my motherboard? I too have considered upgrading th
  3. Hi. I currently run FSX Gold on an 8 year old system. Ultimately I would like to fly P3D v4, but for this I will need a completely new rig, and that is unfortunately not financially possible this year. I am looking for an interim upgrade to last me the next year or so. My current system is a Dell Studio XPS 8000, running W7/64 on an i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz with 8 GB RAM and an OEM GeForce GTS 240 with just 1 GB graphics memory. My FS setup includes ORBX Global Base, Vector & OpenLC, Pilot's Global mesh, REX, ASN, plus a couple of study level aircraft and several high end airport sceneri
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