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  1. Hi Everybody, My night lighting edits are complete. For those that want to give them a try I've enclosed a temporary download location until I can upload these to a web site.
  2. Hi Everybody, Welcome aboard.... this is a Transportes Aeromar flight (flight number 855), with nonstop service from Cancun Intl (Mexico) to Havana Jose Marti Intl (Cuba). We depart Cancun via Rwy 12L, cruise at FL370 and arrive in Havana via Rwy 06.
  3. Hi Everybody, Welcome aboard.... this is a Southwest Airlines Flight (flight number 1898), with nonstop service from HiLo Intl to Honolulu Intl. We depart Hilo (Rwy 8) via PPKE01 departure and arrive in Honolulu (Rwy 4) via SHLAE1 Arrival.
  4. Hi Everybody, Todays flight was a Southwest flight (#428) with nonstop service from Sacramento International to Bob Hope Airport. Flight time was about one hour and thirteen minutes, cruise level was 31,000ft, we had the FTHIL3 Departure and the ROKKR2 Arrival. A few minor glitches but all in all another great flight.
  5. Hi Everybody, Welcome aboard.... this is a Southwest Airlines Flight (flight number 458), with nonstop service from Oklahoma City to Houston, Texas. We depart Will Rogers (KOKC) and arrive in William P. Hobby (KHOU) an hour and a half later. A nice enjoyable flight.
  6. Hi Everyone, My friend Frank was over for a week and we spent some time in the sim. This was a Southwest flight # 1912 with nonstop service from Ft. Lauderdale (KFLL) to Tampa (KTPA).
  7. Hi Everybody, I finally decided to update my Flow/Checklist for the 737NG airliner. All looks to be ironed out now, I had to make a few changes on the fly. This is a real world Flow/Checklist adapted for flight simulation and can be used with any Boeing 737NG airliner. AS ALWAYS, these flows/checklist are not designed to be used in the real world... For starters they may be outdated...for flight simulation use only!
  8. Hi Everyone, Short hop from Chicago (KMDW) to Pittsburgh (KPIT). I didn't update ZHSI on the OBS computer that is use for recording flights, it gets corrected for the back end of the flight. I must be getting senile, I forgot to turn on lights and start selectors below 10K. All in all Zibo performed beautifully!
  9. Hi Everybody, Had a friend over yesterday to spend some time in the sim. His career is just beginning (future Airbus driver), he wanted to run the flight he'll be on come this Thursday. There were a few issues I have to look at with the latest build, but we had some fun along the way.
  10. Hi Everybody, Left Boise Air Terminal (KBOI) for Spokane International (KGEG) using Zibo Mod 3.50.6. All-in-all a pleasant flight, only issue noted was an erroneous magenta hold pattern on the NAV display.
  11. Hi Everyone, Since I was having issues with Zibo 4.49.18 I decided to go back to version .16. All of my navigational issues are gone and it was a joyful flight.
  12. Hi Everybody, Another short hop... Tonight I go from Hector International (KFAR) to Rapid City Regional (KRAP). I noticed two issues with the latest version of Zibo, they both have to deal with the speed tape. Not sure what happened to my world map on the lower right side of the display on the back end. Sorry about that. All-in-all another good flight!
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