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  1. Hallo Aeromax! I have a problem with my SIOC script for a TAT gauge. It is used as a compressor inlet temperature indicator with FSUIPC offset 11D0. It works fine from 0 to 125 Degrees (730kts IAS) , but below 0 degrees the servo is jumping to extreme values without any sense. The FSUIPC logging shows normal values below 0 Degrees. I have seen in other forums that there are sometimes problems with the FSUIPC TAT Offsets. Do you know something about that problems, or may i send you my script for a check? I use P3DV4 with FSUIPC 5 and SIOC 6.0B8. Ich sitze seit 2 Woche
  2. Hello Brian, thank you! Yes i tried to find some help at opencockpits.com, but unfortunately without success. The forum at opencockpits is closed at the moment. I found some older contributions here so maybe some experts can help...
  3. Hi, i`m starting my first SIOC script for a servo card fuel indicator, linear gauge P3Dv4 ssw F-104 starfighter Should be easy, but not for me beginner... { L0 = DIV &fuelC, 8389 L1 = L0 * 5,5 // Calculate servo slope L2 = L1 + 328,5 // Calculate servo intercept V1501 = L2 } The SIOC error message is: ERROR!- A comment is expected Line 11 L1=L0*5,5 // Calculate servo slope ==>5 What kind of comment? The value 5,5 is from 550 steps servo / 100% gauge fuel level Any idea?
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