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  1. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the reply. I've got to ask though, what is the annotator? I thought I'd used this already but have been told that I'm using something completely different? Moving away from FSX is a non-option (too expensive for a charity organisation), as is unpredictable placement of scenery objects as the Commanding Officer wants the local area to be as real a possible without affecting frame rates to much so as to keep it flyable on the system we have.
  2. I suppose there is that aspect, although having a fair few (very) noisy Typhoons taking off at regular intervals does upset your chain of thought or important meetings at the most inconvenient time. Still I do love my career. As for my question, it's over here: 
  3. Ok, so here's my 1st question back here... As part of my role with the Air Training Corps, I help out with the cadets and their FSX based simulator when it goes wrong. They use it to get to grips with the basic controls before stepping foot in a real Grob Tutor. They've been using stock scenery thus far, and I brought up the possibility of having accurate scenery areas for local towns and airstrips (Lossiemouth 'EGQS', Kinloss, Inverness) and the local area in general. Herein lies my problem. I've made a photorealistic scenery area with FS Earth Tile, it's great. I've imp
  4. Well, I currently work in the Supply Chain Management cell at work, so that means hours in front of a screen analysing off the shelf stock satisfaction rates, stock optimisation levels and such are now my bag - it sure beats working as a fuelly issuing AVTUR to the Airside refuelling bowsers and getting cold in this weather! I've been asking for this role for so long, and now it's mine. You could say I'm happier than a pig in s**t! 😂
  5. Hi mate, yes the ATWC was rather challenging at times. I don't recall the problems I had with VBA back then, but I'm still plugging away with Excel spreadsheets and VBA coding on a very frequent basis, albeit for work this time...
  6. Hi John, good to be back. Simi is fine by me, but think of me more as an upgraded version of C3PO (of Star Wars fame) - human cyborg relations...
  7. Good day to you fine fellows, some of you may remember me, others not. For those that may, you'll no doubt have been hanging around here for a very long time - your esteemed 'leader' Mutley (aka Joe Lawford) may well remember be as Simi_Av8r, a previous alias of mine used here way back in the midsts of time. Since the mid- 2000's i've been following life's path and whatever my military service (Royal Air Force, naturally) has thrown at me - inevitably meaning that i have very little spare time to enjoy flying anymore. I moved away from my native South East England and now reside in, argua
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