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  1. Well, I'm sorry for have been taking your time. I've done some testings now and as for the default FSX ships there are no problems. I have been able to succesfully land on both the yacht in heli mission 2 and at the aircraft carrier. On the first one I was flying the default Robinson and ond the second one I had the Aerosoft Seahawk. But, when it comes to the addon ships they doesn't seem to work as they should. I've been able to start at a Hovercontrol addon ship with the Robinson, but not the Hovercontrol 412. The landing however are imposible, leaving me crashing into some invisible things
  2. Are landnings on ships more sensitive than normal landnings when it comes to descend speed? I mean, my landings on ground doesn't results in crashes (most of the time at least) so why should they do so when landing on a ship that doesn't move? And if rough landings is the solution, that still doesn't explain why I crash before I even get into the cockpit when starting on a ship. However, I will certainly give the detect crash setting a try. And as for the hovercontrol 412, here's the link: http://www.hovercontrol.com/cgi-bin/ifolio/imageFolio.cgi?direct=AAA_Hovercontrol_Helicopters I'm not
  3. hurricanemk1c: I will try that! Ddavid: 1. Yes 2. As for the default choppers they start solid on ground. All my addon choppers does that aswell, except for the Aerosoft Seahawk that starts with a little bump, like it's droped from 1dm above ground. 3. As for the mission I described I use the default Robinson. When the mission starts it stands solid on the yacht. I have the Hovercontol 412 installed with some of their addon sceneries. When I try to start on the ships it crashes as soon as the flight have been loaded. I've tried to start with a default Cessna 172 aswell, but same thing hap
  4. I forgott to add that I'm not able to start on any ships either. There's an immediate crash when the flight begins
  5. Ok, I'm no Chuck Yeager in the heli, but I'm doing quite allright. However, there seems to be a problem with my fsx. No matter how smooth my flying is, I allways collide with the ships I try to land on. And it doesn't matter if I fly FSX default helis or add ons like the Aerosoft Seahawk. In the fsx mission with the vertical course followed by a landing on an yacht. And if I place a cutter in Shipyard and try to land on it with my Seahawk, a couple of metres before touch down, I allways collide. Seems to me that the physics have been altered or something. What can possibly cause this?
  6. Can I start a company and choose the Carenado Caravan instead of FSX default Caravan?
  7. Wilco! And as for the number format I have Windows set to US/EN format. I'll send you the files as soon as posible.
  8. Yepp, latest version. Next time I'll write down all the steps I take so you can see if I'm doing something wrong.
  9. I'm flying the FSX default Caravan, and the last time this happend I was on a little airfield without a fuel pump.
  10. Hello! I've been flying AH a couple of weeks now and I have a question about refueling. It seems like my airplane gets refueled automaticly at some airfields, for free, full tanks! Well, that could be considered as a luxury problem but I don't think that's how things work in real life. I'm sure I have missed something but I've looked in the manual and can't find any solution. Here's an example: I flew two jobs starting from my home base with some cargo to airfield B. Unloaded the cargo and headed for airfield C to pick up some more. There I had to dump some fuel in order to get all the carg
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