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  1. I tried everything and I can not get more than one waypoint to show up. I was able to do it with a different file for every waypoint but I cannot get it to work in one file with a string of waypoints. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I can post a copy of the file if that will help.
  2. I think you may be on to something here. I may have installed the wrong fsx sdk. I have two versions of fsx: fsx deluxe and fsx gold. I never installed the sdk when I originally installed fsx so I loaded the disk and browsed to the exe file. I didn't notice until after I installed it that I had grabbed the deluxe box instead of the gold box which is the version of fsx that I am using. Not sure if the sdk is the same for both of them. If the sdk is the same then I must be doing something wrong with installing the file to the scenery folder. I will look at your suggestions and work on it some mo
  3. I followed the instructions found here... http://mutleyshangar.com/features/jda/wp.htm It worked good for one waypoint and I found it in the flight planning screen. I tried to add multiple waypoints to the same file and I overwrote it as instructed but the new waypoints are not there. It says to have fs data on a separate line at the end of the string. I did that and no luck. I then tried it at the end of the string on the same line and it still didn't work. If I read it right for additional waypoints I just copy the information between <waypoint> <waypoint> and hit enter to move
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