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  1. Welcome to Eatonville. Set in a picturesque valley in SE Washington and adjoining Lake Ohop, Eatonville is a former loggin town 25 miles west of Mt. Rainier. Swanson Airport is a quaint and unique airfields with residents living in their houses on both sides of the runway, some of them with private hangars and aircraft. What a lifestyle! To live in such a beautiful part of the world with a runway in the front garden! Orbx developers Tim Harris and Alex Goff have painstakingly recreated Swanson Airport as it appeared in 2010, and based on actual photos taken onsite and also from a helicopter v
  2. Hot off the press! Orbx New Zealand South Island by Tim Arnot. A lot have us have been following Tim's adventures around the South Island in our forums here Now Tim has put his thoughts to print, read his in-depth review here
  3. For anyone who uses FTX scenery the update is available here
  4. CEJ4 Claresholm Industrial airport near Claresholm, Alberta, Canada, is about one hour drive south from the previously released CEN4 High River Regional airport. It was one of the many RAF training bases in Alberta during the WW2. After the war it served briefly as a NATO training base before being decommissioned in 1958. Please read about the history of this airfield in attached Release Notes included in the package. Today the airport is used for GA traffic, there is a repair shop at the premises, too. Take the short flight from CEN4 and do some touch and go practice there. Or why not to fir
  5. The first patch for 0S9 Jefferson County Intl has been released. This patch will fix the default texture bleedthrough problem in winter season and has also undergone optimisation for better performance. More here
  6. Our last review of the year is Orbx Simulation System's Fall City Airport 1WA6, an add-on airport for their Pacific North West scenery area. Does it live up to expectations? Rob Scott gives us the answer. Read on
  7. New features: - Added cabin fog parameters - Added windscreen icing effect (only apparent during extreme structural ice) Fixes and enhancements: - Corrected airport frequencies page of gns430's - Improved rain animation and optimized - Corrected ec100 click spots disappearing behind lighting polygons - Corrected radio popup click spots - Minor modeling optimization The patch is cumulative so it includes previous 1,1 and 1.2 Patches More here
  8. Sabre

    Curtiss P40

    There have been a couple of posts with shots of this aircraft but the combination of A2A Simulations new P40 aircraft and the Orbx scenery make such a wonderful combination I thought I'd share the love :wub: The short flight started at W52 Goheen airfield and headed north east towards the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, turning north towards Mt Rainer before changing course to the north west and landing at Pierce County Airport - Thun Field. Saying goodbye to Ma and Pa on the veranda The grass strip proved rather hair raising in the old bird but we survived Heading out into Gifford P
  9. I have been having a great time around Orbx's PNW and Jefferson County this morning, sorry there's so many shots, there were over 100! Only one more sleep to go! Happy Christmas
  10. Orbx is pleased to announce the release of its fourth Melbourne area airport after YMML, YMAV and YMEN. YMMB Moorabbin is a general aviation airport for light aircraft located in Mentone, Victoria. The airport grounds are treated as their own suburb designated the postcode 3194, and it is the third busiest airport in Australia by aircraft movements. Developers Ken Hall and Greg Jones have taken the "include every detail" approach and this is clearly shown when you first begin a flight here. More details from the horses mouth.... More here
  11. You have got to admire what quality Orbx Systems are getting out of scenery for FSX. Cheers Joe
  12. Over in the Orbx forums Orbx CEO John Venema has announce the V1.2 patch for Fall City. Quote = JV Just a single screenshot by Emmsie which I can share with you. The 1WA6 Fall City V1.2 patch is in final testing. You can see in this screenshot Russ White's rusty yellow truck has now come "alive". It will move around the airfield with boxes on its tray, and the PeopleFlow guy near it will actually pick up the boxes and load it onto the truck as you can see in the screenshot below. ObjectFlow will also change the man's clothing so in hard winter he's wearing warmer clothing. As the truck moves
  13. There are some long awaited titles up soon including: FTX, New Zealand South Island YBAS, Alice Springs S43, Harvey Field YMMB, Moorabbin PAKT, Ketchikang YMMB, Wollongong W52, Goheen OS9 Jefferson County Check out the FTX forums more more details .
  14. From John Venema, CEO Orbx Hello all, We've decided to heed customer feedback, and in a similar vein to how Ultimate Terrain X can disable its night lighting effects, we have tested some simple ways to disable the FTX lights and found substantial performance gains in city and urban areas, particularly places like Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Sydney and Melbourne. We always knew that the FTX lights took a hit on FPS, but due to the way lights are implemented in the FSX code the light effect is polled for by the engine even during the day even when it is not used which incurs a needless perf
  15. CHANGE LOG - Updated PeopleFlow object library V1.1 - Updated NatureFlow object library V1.1 - Updated Orbx Control Panel V2.1 - New blue line markings and lighting updates for NZ airports - Other bug fixes and improvements Who Should Install? - Everyone who wants to ensure they have the latest Orbx libraries including new PeopleFlow libs - Anyone who has recently purchased an Orbx addon but not updated their libraries yet. http://fullterrain.c...t.html#orbxlibs(You may need to press F5 to refresh your browser)
  16. A few screenshots from a review-in-progress of one of the latest additions to Orbx's hangar. The level or detail at the 2 airfields (2WA1 & WA45) is stunning... 2WA1 from overhead Someone stole my spot Lovely grass and a C172 just about to depart Bumping along the taxiway at WA45 Nicely detailed buildings and people walking around More grass
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