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  1. Entertaining as always Frank. PNG is a great place to fly for us bush pilots!
  2. Congratulations! Some beautiful footage, thanks for posting, here's to the next 4000!
  3. Ditto Neil, there are a few documentaries on TV over here at the moment. Locally we have the Ashley Walk bombing Range where the Dambusters and the Grand Slam bomb were tested, all overgrown now but there is a memorial there.
  4. Flight One Software has released AnyoneFly for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). AnyoneFly is an entire suite of tools that allows you to experience the simulator world in ways you may never have before. With AnyoneFly you can make thousands of discoveries and share these discoveries with the world. The entire suite of tools in AnyoneFly can transform your MSFS experience and is a great addition to any VFR pilot’s flight bag. There are features that even airliner pilots can enjoy on their long treks across the world! The best way to begin to describe AnyoneFly is through videos!
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