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  1. Thanks Frank, interesting research and I've certainly learnt a few things about their aviation history.
  2. Great feedback, thanks for taking the time to update us Alex
  3. Great news Alex, I hope it serves you well.
  4. Nice composition Soaranden and what a beautiful sky.
  5. Great infotainment Frank, it's great watching these historical based videos, I'm very impressed with your scenery too. It was good to end with a landing too and not a crash
  6. Thanks for posting, Doering. The production values are excellent worth of being on the History channel ! Loved the soundtrack too, looking forward to part 2.
  7. Hi Arnie, thanks for your feedback, I am sure if you are in the market then the Defiant would be a great choice, do check around like Alex did but this one should defiantly on your short-list
  8. Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback. I can assure you the build quality is every bit as good as any Dell, HP or Lenovo laptop - and I've used all three. I wouldn't be surprised if the internals come from the same factory as the others. The question about the case is difficult to answer now as the machine has been returned but I am pretty sure it was metal around the keyboard and touchpad as well as the lid. The underside is high grade molded plastic. Chillblast have a free 30-minute video consultation service so why not ask them face to face? Video consultation service Another thing I
  9. Hi Brett, you may not have been aware of Chillblast's range before as they are a UK based company, but they have been selling award winning laptops for many years.
  10. This review of a gaming laptop PC is a first for me. As an avid flight simmer, I have always been fixed at my desk (which has fixed peripherals) and would sink into my aviation world assuming that only my tower PC can cope with punching the pixels out fast and smoothly. All that has changed. Nowadays, the best gaming laptops are powerful enough to run those games which previously we turned to our PC behemoths, or dedicated games consoles to play. This leap in performance is thanks to the use of powerful and efficient GPUs, multi-core processors and ultra-fast M.2 storage made smaller and
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