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  1. That's a great end to your WWII box set! I loved the additional RW photo's as well as MSFS and the commentary. Thanks for posting Frank.
  2. Thanks for sharing Frank, I like the historical information WWll created many fascinating airfields.
  3. Thanks for the update, I did find some old references to https in some of the pages which I have now edited to http. Please make sure if you have a browser bookmark or a desktop shortcut that they do not reference https, they're better linking tp www.mutleyshangar.con ATB Joe
  4. Some classic airfields, thanks for the tour Frank!
  5. Hi Neil, Apologies for the inconvenience I thought that once that warning was overridden your web browser would remember it. I use the Edge browser and it doesn't warn. The certificate is not needed for this site now, but in the past when we were very popular and wanted higher search rankings, we had to have the certificate. I am going to do some cleaning up on our server, we have over 500 pages and there was a lot of setting up to do. Please bear with us (me!)
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