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Just bought this software and preparing to install. The installer wants to put the software in C:/Program Files (x86)/FS2Crew........


I keep all my FSX files in C:/FSX.


Is it advisable to install the FS2 Crew software in the default location (more on that in a second) or in my preferred FSX location?


BTW the installer wants to install in a directory that is not possible under Windows. The installer actually wanted to make a directory called C:/Program Files (x86)/FS2Crew/FS2Crew: PMDG 737 ( or something close to that - I'm going by memory). The important thing is to note the second colon in the path. That is an impossibility to the best of my knowledge. I was going to back out the last part of the path and change it to C:/Program Files (x86)/FS2Crew, but I'll wait on the wisdom of MH before going any further.

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Thanks Dean,


Having a heck of a time with it. Essentially given up at this point. I've installed it in the default directory, then uninstalled it and placed it in C:\FSX. No joy there either. The description of events that are supposed to take place (Tutorial) do not match the reality, not even close. Sounds like two completely different PMDG packages and lots of references to FS9 and FS2004.


I think it's the wrong version of the FS2 Crew software (or the wrong version pf PMDG 737, depending on your point of view).


Here's an example:


Quote (from tutorial)

It’s time to get things rolling, so click the 'C'button on the Main Interface to open the Config Page. The Main Interface is located right above the left PFD. It contains the letters: CPAL.
Nothing above my PFD (other than what is supposed to be there) in either the VC or the 2D cockpit.
This (Mutley's) is not likely the right venue for going any further with this. I've started researching the Avsim/FS2Crew forum and will probably wind up talking to FS2 Crew Support. 
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