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  1. New on this subject: The problem seems to be the use of "Legacy" mode /General Options/Accessibility/User Interface. Turning that "off" enables the other switches/choices to (sort of) work. I say "sort of" because I'm still trying to track down how to get the mouse wheel to zoom in and out as well as a few other things. I'll post more on this subject as I learn.
  2. Thanks for trying, Joe. That did not do the job - there's obviously a bunch of other stuff that needs tweaking. There was some improvement in that if I use the mouse scroll wheel to click, I get some functionality but still not up to the level of FSX. That feature is not even shown in the menus, so I'm not sure what is going on. Time to return everything to default and start over. Also time for more research. Note that the specs at the bottom of this page are all in error as I've got #1 computer at the shop getting repairs to the Mother board. The GPU and CPU specs are lower tha
  3. March back again.... After a lot of time spent researching this I'm no closer to a solution, I'm beginning to think that I'm getting old and stupid. 2020 appears to require the use of a "gamepad" - I Purchased 2020 from Steam, so that's the platform I'm using. I can get my, ancient, Saitek Pedals, Yoke and Quadrant to work (the trim wheel was a nightmare despite the fact that I do know how to prevent Windoze from turning off my USB ports). That's where it ends. I was very much under the impression that the new sim was going to work in VR similar to using TrackIR. I keep thinking tha
  4. Hello Joe, Glad to be back. MSFS may need a bit more time to mature. I'm far more interested in the VR aspect. At this writing, it looks pretty good. It doesn't really work very well so I'm paging through the issues and solving one at a time. - Trim issue, close to solved. I have it working after a fashion: Changing the slope of the controller "Extremity Dead Zone" has made some major improvements in the amount of travel needed to affect a trim change. I'm set to 60% which results in a pretty flat range. "Reactivity" set to 50% and all other settings at 0%. Just needs a bit more
  5. I'm Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got tired of racing cars so I thought I might give the (new to me) MSFS 2020 a go. Ohhh boy - nothing has really changed on the set-up front. I dusted off the flight controls - Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, Saitek Throttle Quadrant, Cessna Trim Wheel, and CH Pedals. For now, I'm just using the Cessna 150 for testing and set-up. To start with, I had to toss the CH Pedal assembly. I'd sort of forgotten that one of the reasons I went racing is that the pedals/brakes really didn't work anymore despite hours spent dismantling and cleaning the pots. At some point, yo
  6. Thanks for the reply, @Tim_A, This family are not serious users of the internet. We have a 550 Gb monthly limit of which we regularly consume about 50%. My d/l speeds are approximately 60 - 70 mbps. We, in Canada, are envious of all other countries in the world where the population doesn't get raped while using the phone/internet. Our phone and bandwidth charges are insane. I think it has to do with the fact that we are still paying for a hard-wire system that used to be touted as "The Best In The World". The only people we know with a land line are in their eighties. My wife and I a
  7. Hi Mutley's, March is coming (back) out of the closet - been racing cars since April with PCars2 and Assetto Corsa. I'm in the process of upgrading my system for Assetto Corsa Competizione and It looks like I might need to go a bit further in order to load and fly FS 2020. Car racing is quite cool in VR where Flight Simulator fails completely due to the problem of switching things on and off and dialing things up and down while completely blind. One good thing that's come out of the current C-19 clusterf*%^. Latest specs are : i5-10400|MSI MPG Z490| RTX2070 8Gb|32GB DDR4 3200MHz|Win
  8. MSFS 2020 Any first impressions from the MH crew? I just received the ad on my iphone via my email connection. Looks like the software is downloadable. I can't because I've barely enough bandwidth to read the ad. I'm out on the boat doing some serious social distancing - been gone all summer, but I'll be home around the middle of August and keen to try out the new simulator. Any chance that we (that's the Royal "we", Joe) might need a separate forum to deal with this new version of MSFS? I mention this because the current MH FSX forum is really ancient. Comments, Joe? I'm
  9. A little humour here in deepest darkest Canada: Political cartoon published in a local paper on St Patrick's Day - picture of a leprechaun beside a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, gesturing towards it, obviously offering it. Caption: "Gee thanks anyway, but I really want some toilet paper " (tissue on the other side of the pond). Cheers, March Also, someone forwarded a picture of the Corona Lisa (Mona in a gas mask).
  10. I'm not at the point where I want to put it back in the box...yet. It is quite good for VFR flying as long as you leave the nav gear alone. Dialing in a course or a heading on the HSI is nigh on impossible. The radios are tune-able in a lot of sims with a popup that allows using the "hands" to move the frequencies. Unfortunately, this means you have to pick up one of their controllers - a bit difficult when you're blind and hanging onto a yoke with your left hand and a throttle quadrant with your right. I'm still looking into this and haven't given up. I'm thinking that it might be possib
  11. I'm back. I bought the Oculus Rift S, FSX-SE and Flyinside FSX. First Impression: Nice toy. Lots of fun for a VFR experience. I really like the 360 degree aspect. For me, it makes it easier to fly the aircraft by hand. All aspects are a similar experience to the real thing. The spatial orientation is so superior to the 2d experience. I'm using a Saitek Yoke and Quadrant, Trim Wheel and CH Pro Pedals. Everything easy to use, even blind, except maybe the Trim Wheel which is horribly inaccurate - that will be solved with a bit more tuning. Not a biggie anyway because the electric
  12. I've loaded Amazon.ca several times but I haven't pulled the trigger. Best Buy is out of the running because they have no stock (in Victoria, Canada) I do not want to get into second-guessing the developers. You know the routine: BUY! No, wait a bit, maybe an improvement is waiting in the wings. Right now the choices are not that hard to make - Oculus Rift S or Vive. The price of Vive is over the moon for something that may get dropped pretty quickly. I've got the hardware so no need to spend big bucks on another PC. Let's see how it goes - "Click". I'll be back! Marc
  13. I hear you, Brett, I was just curious how this was going to be received. Seems to be a non-starter (so far) Cheers, March
  14. I just received an email from Aerosoft advertising a (new?) interactive (game?) called OnAir: Airline Manager - something along the lines of Air Hauler. Appears to be based primarily in Europe. They are offering a two week free trial here: https://www.onair.company/download/publish.htm I do recall Mutley doing an interview. Any one else care to comment? Cheers, March
  15. Atta boy JG - only they'll have to call it 'Aftershock'. My wife saw this on the local news - while launching/retrieving his boat a guy forgot to put it his hybrid SUV in park and it rolled into the salt water. When they hauled the truck out of the water it burst into flames - flames that the local fire department couldn't put out. See: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/caught-on-camera-hybrid-electric-suv-plunges-into-water-at-port-moody-boat-launch-1.4425001?cache=yes%3FclipId%3D375756%3FclipId%3D89578 Cheers, March
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