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Spent 125 dollars today on the PMDG 777 for Prepar3D

Installed into Windows 7-64.

Started Prepar3D and was expecting for it to ask for my code. The only thing that happened was the following:

No gear,

Blank panel.

Had lots of engine noise, was able to take off with no flaps.

Landed and of course it wrecked since I did not show and gear.

Does anyone know why it would be running in restricted mode and will not let me put my code?


Tom Johnson

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this is an update to my PMDG 777 problem

I contacted PMDG as instructed yesterday morning and got a reply. I was surprised as it is Saturday.

I quote:


This issue is probably caused by an incorrect SimConnect runtime installation on your computer, follow these instructions to fix it:

1. Navigate to this folder :


    <P3D root folder>\redist\FSX-RTM\lib


2. Run the SimConnect.msi installer file inside the folder.


3. Repeat the process in the FSX-SP1\lib and the FSX-SP2-Xpack\lib folders.


   After doing this I was able to inter my code and fly that big bird. Take off was great and it was a good thing I wrote this before the landing since there were was a controlled crash.


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The PMDG 737NGX installer does not ask for an authentication code. That is only requested when you select the aircraft from the Vehicles Menu. I assume it would be the same for the 777.

That is correct.

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