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Serious urgent help needed. Please.

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Hi Guys, I switched on my PC today, fired up FSX and for some unknown reason it keeps pausing every 4 or 5 seconds. I have unchecked the 'Pause on task' box but still pausing. This is also the same for P3D so I'm unsure what is causing this to happen. When I check in Task Manager, there is nothing running in Applications but the Performance tab shows that the CPU is spiking to 100% every few seconds. Does anyone have any idea what is going on please.

I need help urgently please.



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Brian, go to control panel and programs&features, set it in date order and see if there has been a new prog installed second type msconfig in the lower lh box and see what progs fire up when you start windows there should only be 2 or 3 , anything strange untick the box and restart the p.c.

have you got windows update set at autoamatic? it may be trying to install an update?

there is a huge amount of malware around so using file mangler look in program files (386)  also users(your p.c.name) \appdata \local and also\ roaming and see if you see something that you dont recognise

see if this helps

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Hi Brian.


Give your PC a good and up to date scan for viruses and malware.  You need to make sure that your PC isn't being used as a zombie and sending out spam every few minutes.

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Hello Needles.

So you have something on your system spiking your CPU to 100%.

You obviously you need to find out what that process is. Pop over to the Microsoft tech net site, Windows Sysinternals.


You will see down the left hand side of the page numerous utilities. Choose ‘Process Utilities’ and download ‘Process Explorer.’

This tiny app will not install onto your PC, it runs as a stand alone. It will tell you what is running and what is using all that CPU power. This is a powerful tool. When you have identified the process you can right click on it and preform all sorts of actions, like kill the process or check its properties so you can find out where its installed.

Good luck.

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Another thing you could try is a system restore. Take it back a few days and see if that makes a difference. It maybe something that has installed over the last few days that is causing the problem. I'd also be tempted to run a full scan just to see what pops up. It can take a long time but may be worth it.


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Well, I've updated my bios, updated the gpu driver and I managed a 1hr flight with FSX.

P3D and FSX SE still keep crashing after a few minutes.

Things seem to go awry whenever I select to change the time of day or season, then they just freeze for a few seconds and crash.

Nothing obvious in task manager or Process Explorer, to my eye at least.

I will keep trying.

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