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  1. Older aircraft tend to be tail draggers with restricted forward view; Older aircraft tend to be prop driven; Older aircraft tend to have no wheel brakes; Older aircraft tend to have older pilots; Never get into a ground traffic situation where all of the above meet behind you or this is what what will become of your aircraft!
  2. J G

    Missing DLCs

    I keep a book of my DownLoadable Content 😃 so I know which vendor I have purchased the relevant items from. Sadly some of these sources have gone out of business over the years and so some DLC has been lost that way, and some items have been withdrawn for various reasons. Freeware DLC sometimes disappears at the whim of the author, or perhaps when the author passes away Fortunately these cases are few and far between. I keep my book as, for me, disappearing DLC is largely a source - memory thing!
  3. I went over to X-Plane a while ago Alan with no regrets, I also have P3D v4.5 but don't use it much.. One good thing about X-Plane is there is a huge amount of freeware available, great if you are on a budget. Have a look at: https://forums.x-plane.org to get a flavour.
  4. I was a flitter and then one day I sat down and worked out how much I spent on fs addons. Frightening! So now I have rules, if the RAF didn't fly it, then I don't. It has saved me money, and has concentrated my mind on just a few aircraft although I still found myself accumulating aircraft very rapidly. Now I have a ban on new aircraft until I can fly all I have very well. I have a lot of work to do...... The whole set of constraints falls apart when I start to look at what I spend on scenery, hardware and other addons.....
  5. I use a real Tornado bomber landingear leaver and indicator gauge on my sim. They need a 20 v supply to power the lights in the gauge and the solenoid in the gear leaver. My solution was to use a 19v printer power supply, a bank of relays and an arduino card. The relays are quite noisy as they are physical switches, the mofset solution will be much less clunky!
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