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Obviously being new to FSX I am not completing the training missions at my first attempt, in fact some of the missions are taking quite a few attempts :).


However when I reset the mission to fly again I am finding that it goes right back to the start including all the briefing chat which after a couple of listens I am grasping.


Is there an option where I can re-fly a mission but skip the chat and go straight to the take off stage? 



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Mike, best start the mision, as normal, then Save at the point where you wish to Re-start - possibly after the introducory dialogues but before take off. You will need to tick the box for Show saved missions (or similar legend) so that your Save-d point shows up. Also, you might use the Save function during (all) missions before, say, a difficult landing or manouevre. You can then 'skip' to this strategic point again should you encounter difficulties.

Hope that helps.

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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