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FTX ENNK Narvik Released

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Narvik is here! 


Welcome to Narvik, a spectacular location in Northern Norway. Narvik Airport, Framnes is a regional airport located at Framnes in Narvik. It is operated by the state-owned Avinor and served by Widerøe. The airport is regularly used by Lufttransport, that operates air ambulance helicopters and planes (Beechcraft King Air). The approach and landing at ENNK can be a thrilling experience, with only 900m runway (800m landing distance) and sea on both sides of the runway. Add some bad weather conditions, and you've got yourself a nice challenge! Make sure to add this to your FTX Norway collection! 


1m detailed terrain model for Airport and City
 Hand crafted airport ground textures
 Airport building textures created from onsite photography of the actual buildings
 Photoreal area including mountains
 Helipad in the Narvik mountains
 10m terrain mesh included
 Uses most Orbx Flow technologies
 Unique full seasonal variations
 Unique static aircraft models
 Custom animated windsock (p3d only)
 Custom trees and grass
 Unique night lighting for airport and city
 Highly optimized for good performance
 Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX Norway
 Can also be used with FTX Global BASE with the included 10m mesh, but we recommend to use FTX Norway for a seamless blend to photoreal.
 Developed by Tore Stranden 

More here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/119402-ftx-ennk-narvik-released/

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I was looking at this last night Joe and it really is a great little airport.

It will be a very nervous approach in bad weather, having such a short runway.

The detail is extremely good.

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