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OHi guys -


As previously mentioned in other posts - I'm back on flight sim forums. Previously I was ChrisE at JustFlight if any of you came from there a few years back and have the memory of an elephant! Anyway - I thought I'd reintroduce myself with a few screenshots from my ongoing flight at the moment LGW-INN. Currently using P3Dv3 and my computer seems to run P3D very nicely indeed so if there are any tips or addon suggestions to get it looking top notch please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!


After departing Gatwick 08R.. just past Maidstone



Climbing out. Missed a few SOPs on the way



A different view



Overhead Brussels - where I spent my 25th birthday on a nightstop!



Thanks for looking, please post feedback or ways I can improve my flight simming experience! Many thanks!

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