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  1. Comfort for me it is cuddling with my honeypie under a soft Quilt on a cold rainy day.
  2. Thanks views Frank, I remember there was an award or badge for the highest and lowest airports in FSX. Hang on..... Yep, a badge but the highest one was different, (SPRF) probably because (ZUDC) in Tibet wasn't built until 2013, which was past the release date of FSX. I don't think I ever saw a political view from you in a video before, I always liked the Jack Ryan novel (by Tom Clancy), 'Sum of All Fears', and often wished to myself that something like that would come to fruition. Peace in the Middle East, yes please... Thanks again for this short and sweet video.
  3. Potassium and Calcium, so you'll grow strong (anyone remember 'The Periodic Table Song')
  4. Another good one Frank, never knew how far flung the points of manufacture were for this sexy aircraft. Always good to learn something new each day and thanks to you I fulfilled that personal rule.
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