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Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 released!

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Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1


Available from your downloads page, more here: http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2017/06/114375/

Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue in VR views that prevented dynamic lighting in the right eye
    • Fixed memory leak related to external views and vehicle textures
    • Fixed performance impact when entering and then exiting VR
    • Fixed text label size mismatches in VR
    • Fixed the F-16 speedbrakes
    • Corrected an issue where a scenario saved from the startup screen would not be loaded after a reset
    • Preventing vehicle sounds from playing during load
    • Fixed a crash on startup due to controllers using bad port and hub values
    • Added an unobtrusive watermark for developer licenses
    • Fix for a crash when using index 0 with playload stations
    • Fix for ICAO entries in the Logbook
    • Corrected the clickable mouse area of the RadarGauge
    • Added the Delete Scenario button back to the Scenario user interface
    • Fixed effect texture orientations being flipped (e.g. coastline waves)
    • Fixed the Graphics Profile Name not syncing with the correct saved graphics settings
    • Fixed issue related to the flag SIMCONNECT_CLIENT_DATA_PERIOD_ON_SET not working with SimConnect_RequestClientData
    • Corrected issues with autogen Annotator building selection that would result in missed or incorrect selections
    • Interface windows will no longer move behind main window when losing focus
    • Fixed Logbook issue that was preventing logging start/end points
    • Corrected various issues with the Flight Instructor user interface
    • Added pitch, bank, heading to the GPS broadcast capabilities for electronic flight bags
    • Updated various XML configuration file encodings
    • Corrected a commands binding error with the Steering Set key
    • Fixed null terminating string issue when using RequestDataOnSimObject with ATC strings
    • Fixed issue preventing the vehicle preview screen from rendering in the New Scenario window
    • Changed the default textbox to ICAO for the Select Airport user interface
    • Fixed multiplayer crash when using Direct IP connections
    • Fixed errant river feature in ocean QMID 50,31 (West Africa)
    • No longer instantiating radios if they are not configured for an object
    • Fixed an issue where the vehicle preview window would not render in certain views
    • Fixed an issue where View Group selection would be out of sync with the context menu
    • Fixed an issue where undocking views would not immediately be processed
    • Fixed unicode issues with Traffic Toolbox
    • Fixed an issue where second UV channels were not correctly being exported to .X files
    • Fixed scenery.cfg encoding issue after leaving the Scenery Library view
    • Fixed an issue where SimConnect applications were receiving the wrong event id
    • Fixed an issue regarding minimum temperature in the Advanced Weather view
    • Fixed an issue where the Scenery Library was not reporting all errors
    • The Select Airport view’s ICAO search box is now above other search boxes
    • Minor layout updates to the Select Airport screen
    • Content error reports will now have more detailed XML parse error messages
    • Fixed a crash in the Shp2Vec tool when compiling polygons with less than three points
    • Fixed an issue where malformed DLL.xml and EXE.xml files would cause Add-on DLL and EXE to fail to load
    • Fixed an issue where multiplayer settings were not correctly assigned when using the Direct Connect method
    • Added reverse thrust axis events
    • Fixed issues with certain locale settings
    • Fixed incorrect locations of certain buildings and bridges in Instanbul
    • Traffic settings now save again in Graphics Profiles
    • Added exception handling for error that would occur when certain audio codecs were installed
    • Fixed crash that could occur when making modifications to the Scenery Library with add-on scenery
    • Fixed issue that caused stars to draw in the incorrect order
    • Added Show Only Favorites button back to Vehicle Select Screen
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  • Corrected an issue where a scenario saved from the startup screen would not be loaded after a reset



Well looks like I've got to pony up the dough for v4....

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3 hours ago, UKJim said:

So in order to update - do I go and uninstall just the client part or all parts?



Hi Jim, 

Go to Programs and Features in the Windows control panel and look for "Prepar3D v4 (Your version) Client" and uninstall, and then reinstall the client from your download, it may ask if you want to deactivate, choose no and it should be done in under a minute. 



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From what I remember there is only one file to download which will be the full 12 GB. When you unzip the file you will clearly see the client installer and out of the whole lot,  that is the only one you need to run. 

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Oh cool I downloaded the client from the site uninstalled and reinstalled. I get the nice option to only display favourite planes :)

It's not all that clear how to update really but hopefully it's done now. 


Thanks Joe

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