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boeing recommend please

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I am looking for a Boeing, preferably a 737 for P3Dv4, it must be updated for v4. I think the PMDG one is probably a little to much for me, not cost just to many systems but I may be wrong... I think there are a few - Captain Sim, Milviz, maybe iFly 747......my only experiance with Boeings apart from QW757 is a 737 from IXEG in XP11....so I probably need one with a good tutorial.... no rush so if you know one is due for update soon then I can wait.


with v4 like XP11 I am only installing stuff I will use, I am waiting for the Aerosoft updates to the 320 which I believe will require a paid upgrade but I may have misunderstood that....


I suppose if the new CRJ might be an option...


Budget isn't anissue but it needs to be one that helps me learn....


Any thought welcome........





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I don't know if these will work with your system Wayne but Captain Sim do some very good 'old school, no FMC' Boeings. 707,727,737.  They also do the 757 & 767 with FMCs and of course the L10-11 TriStar. I'd say they are middle range in terms of complexity but stunning visually. If I can fly them, anyone can.

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If you want to learn, I dont see why you  would disregard the PMDG 737NGX. It may have all the system failures built in, but you can simplify it, if you so wish. The FMC is not that complicated, and can be updated with Navigraph Data,  and is easier than the DASH 8 -Q400 to set up, in my opinion. I have had the MSF 2004 and the FSX versions of the PMDG 737, and they are a delight to fly. The tutorials, and manuals are excellent, and will certainly teach you everything you could wish to know. Just my 2 cents worth.




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