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Mutley Field Air Cargo

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Hi Guys,

John said that he mentioned our little flying club during your last meeting/newsletter. Please allow me to give a brief insight into what we are trying to do:

The idea grew from a combination of using Air Hauler and continuing the theme that the ever popular Around The World Challenge has brought us. The aim is to give people a small insight into what Air Hauler can offer, but without them having to purchase it if they don't want to. I will come up with the routes and list all the relevant information in the forum for people to view, the first person to say 'I want that flight' gets it. They will then fly the flight and (optionally) fill out a small flight report designed by John which is then posted back in the forums, along with a few pictures (optional again) of the flight. The flight reporting format is totally optional but is a scaled down version of the ATWC reports, unless the pilot wants to make a large post. I will then collate all the information and build the company accounts and post them for people to view via the Mutley Field forum for everyone to see how the company is doing.

At the moment we only have 1 aircraft, so only 1 job will be posted at once. The end aim being to build up a small fleet of GA aircraft and maybe open up some smaller bases in scenic parts of the world. When deciding upon new aircraft I will scout around the web to try and find good quality freeware add-ons that will fit the bill and then put a small selection up for vote, so the Hangar will be able to choose which aircraft they want.

This little venture is entirely optional and is not in any way intended to be anything like a virtual airline. I think that there will be pilots who would fly a larger share of flights and then others that only fly once a flood because that suits them. The whole aim is to have fun and help the great little community we have going here to grow even more.

At the moment we are trying to come up with a permanent name for the company, so why not head on over to the thread and help us choose


Whilst you are there take time to have a look at some of the completed flights to see if it is something you might be interested in taking part in

Thanks for reading this


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OFSC members,

Feel free to jump right into this. It's no more complicated than making a couple of flight legs in a 172 and reporting your fuel usage and anything interesting at the end. Try it.


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