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Here's my latest project, Ol' Gappy, the ultimate survivor with 157 missions completed.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to finish it yet, and I'm leaving on a field trip next week, so...

Here's how far I got, still not finished, because there are still a few things that are not right (including some really stupid things), so here's my offer:

Look at the pics below. If you see any mistakes, or other things that you want added or changed, send me a pm or mail, and when I get back next week, I'll see about incorporating them in the final paint. I can't guarantee I'll include them, but at least you'll have the option of making your own suggestions.

How's that?








I posted this on other forums too, to tell you the truth, I'm curious to see/hear what you'll come up with!

See you next week!

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back from the field, here's a few shots of progress:






no more unblemished yellow, a correct number of mission markers, more paintchips on the leading edges, more weathered paint, the yellow triangle on the tail now connects up OK, the serial and 'ol gappy' are now complete, more dirt on the wheels and a few more odds and ends...

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Are you still active? Your 'Ol Gappy' seems to have the Cheyenne tail, which the airplane didn't have. I have a picture of my father in the tail of this actual airplane. He flew 32 missions and the one mission abort. I thank you for your work on this airplane, as I am working on a model of it, and photo references are, to say the least, rare.

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I'm still active, but with MSFS.

As for the Cheyenne tail, can't be helped, the A2A model only had this tail.

As for the lack of pictures, I know, this is always a problem, and so sometimes one needs to make concessions...

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