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Quality Donation - Ware - look Aircraft !!!

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Hey Everybody - Take a close look at this High Quality Add On' "donation-ware" Aircraft from WWW.CR1-SOFTWARE.COM - The Fabulous Famous Ford Tri-Motor, for "FSX" only - just released a while ago ! Take a look at the video - it explains it all, also dro by the web site - and by the way ALL proceeds from this aircraft go to a Childrens Hospital too :):):) !!! Enjoy this Video ---------}

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I just looked at the linked site (not the video). They list four AC - Do-335; Ford Trimotor; Aeronca Champ; Beech 18 Revamp.

Of these, only the Do-335 is listed as donation-ware and is for FS9 only. The other three are listed as payware. The Beech 18 says it's for FS9 and FSX. The Ford and Aeronca list FSX only.

I didn't download, just looked at the site.

There is also a note in their news page that says...

"Folks, today we are proud to announce a big shakeup here at CR1-Software. All our payware add-ons will now be donation-ware, meaning that any amount donation you wish to make will buy you ALL our add-ons. Yes, you can donate just 1$ and get ALL our add-ons. Or you can donate more.

Proceeds will go to a local children’s hospital foundation.

We feel good about this decision and hope you will feel good about donating for high quality add-ons for FS9 and FSX.

Thanks for your support."

I think I remember a post here about this site a while back.


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