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With the recent release of Aircraft Construction Group's IWM Duxford scenery, i thought I'd check out a few of their other sceneries...and boy am i glad i got this beauty of a download!

RAF Marham, Norfolk is home to the RAFs southern Tornado contingent, and plays host to the Tornados of 9(B) and 31Sqn. So what better A/C to take a trundle around this Main Operating Base than an Tornado, the freeware GR4 from IRIS to be exact, and in this case a IX Sqn GR4, ZA552.

Close up of our Tonka for this ride. Safely parked up outside of it's HAS, #47.


The Detailing on the HAS and surrounding area is exquisite!


Taxiing past more HAS and a fully-functional refuelling truck and some Ground Servicing Equipment (GSE)


A parked up military ambulance and the main IX Sqn building.fs9_-2012-jan-13-004.jpg

Leaving no stone unturned, even the pill boxes and chain link fence are modelled....watch the speed, there's an RAF Police officer & his dog on patrol


an accurately modelled control tower, and i'm pretty sure i know who's car that is on the end!


ACG have even modelled the recently built ISO park and armament store, even including the RUBB hangar and underground fuel storefs9_-2012-jan-13-007.jpg

:wow: even things as minor as the sand-filled plastic barriers are there...should i be excited about that?!?fs9_-2012-jan-13-008.jpg

coming around past the 2 Sqn HAS area.



ok, now this i am excited about... fully functional emergency traps, as placed in real life. Activated by the NAV1 control.


rotating from the runway, the main base area in the background


climbing out and over the ASP, more RUBB hangars correctly placed.


the IX Sqn HAS area from above...excellent detailing and placement of the Squadron buildings


and an overview of the fantastic attention to detailing and building placement, so much so that i can name each and every building from here, including the "Singlies" living area towards the top center/right


If you haven't got this absolutely amazing freeware add-on yet, why on earth not!?! Head on over to ACG and get yourself a copy now. Oh, and the (now freeware) IRIS Tornado super-pack is sublime also - although i'm sure you'll have it already, if not it's available from here

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That's a superb overview of this scenery Simi, who couldn't like it after this show?!

Is it all 2004?

all my screenshots are from FS9, if that's what you mean yes.... Although there is a full install guide for FSX, including an FSX install guide for the (optional) MAIW AI GR4s @ Marham originally created for FS9.

Sadly, my current PC was made back in 2001 (Ed. - no, really, he means it!) and has a lowly AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (single core, 2.23GHz) and Radeon 9600Pro 512Mb graphics installed in it, so FSX wouldn't even run at basic settings...hence my signature below - donate now and save my sanity!

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thanks guys, appreciate the kind words. For freeware, these guys really do churn out some wondrous sceneries for us to enjoy. If you liked this one, i really recommend you try the groups renditions of RAFG Bruggen, RAF Coningsby & RAF Cranwell - all of them get a huge :thum: from me, as do their other offerings!

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