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PMDG announce Douglas DC-6B Cloudmaster

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In terms of realism, it is not intended that this product be as detailed as, say, the NGX. While you will need to learn how to correctly (and effectively!) manage the engines and systems on the airplane, it will not have a failures module, nor will we be adding in some of the character driven amenities that our friends over at A2A have done so well with in their vintage airplane line.

(Lest anyone worry- this product line doesn't create any conflict with the development plans at A2A... We are big fans of Scott and his team. In fact, the only person outside of PMDG to know about this product and product line was Scott, so yes there has been a bit of conversation about it! Nerd.gif )

We are looking forward to seeing you guys get a chance to do some "old school" flying in our DC-6B very soon. As usual, we aren't going to talk about release dates because we just don't do that here... But as you can see she has been a project of enthusiasm for members of the team transitioning off the NGX and onto the 777!

Many more stunning shots and info here

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Oh Dear - the economic climate is making PMDG turn the clocks back - good for them, maybe, but hard lines for the smaller devs, who currently enjoy a slice of the vintage aircraft add-on market...

I'm not knoking it, mind - and that DC-6B VC is phenominally good looking. Love the nav guages and quadrant texture resolution. Bet you need a good rig for that!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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