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Plug 'n' Play USB British Weston EGT Gauges

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Hello everyone,

Before I start I'd like to say these really are top quality FS instruments. They are from REAL RAF aircraft, and we have not damaged or enhanced them in any way. We utilised the original aircraft electronics and interfaced them via USB. There really is NOTHING like this anyway else on the market.


I have, for sale, some British Weston EGT Gauges which connect to Flight Simulator via USB. These gauges are beautiful examples of British engineering; the faceplate is glass and the instrument casing is made from metal. They are interfaced to Flight Simulator using the Opencockpits USBServos card (included in price); and will work the second you start FS (provided you have the interfacing software running).

The EGT Gauge is exactly syncronised to Flight Simulator's EGT temperature (can work with any aircraft; and can be allocated to any engine - ie "EGT Engine 2"). SimKits, Flight Illusion and any other "Gauge" manufacturer will not even come close to this in terms of qualty; I can guarentee that these Gauges will be the top of their field for decades - no doubt about it. The needle movement is so smooth as we have preserved the original Weston circuitry.

These gauges are perfect for any cockpit setup; or simply suitable as a standalone instrument. The price is also MUCH lower than any of the "competition". I'm selling these Gauges for £99.99 (which includes everything) each; SimKits/Flight Illusion will have you forking out over £150+ for an inferior product.

These gauges really are crisp and have a rapid response time. It is so thrilling to push the throttles forward and see the gauges react instantaneously. I'd also like to add that they are VERY power efficient and completely silent; something you just don't get with servo/stepper motors.

If you have any questions/quieres/etc that you'd like to ask please post here or PM me!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

Jack :D

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Hi Kieran,

Unfortunately, whilst I can confirm these Gauges are definitely ex-RAF, I cannot confirm exactly from which aircraft.

I could hazard a fairly accurate guess; perhaps a Nimrod or similar. It should be noted however, that the Gauges have all the original Serial stamps left on as a mark of authenticity; perhaps a little research will reveal the true identity.



PS: Sorry for late reply.

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Next to the throttles, you can see the side of the basic fuel gauges (they are facing up so you can read them sitting down) - of course, for the most part you'd need the 'Fuel Tray' which would show each of the 14 tanks - that slides out just under the throttles, so isn't visible in my photos

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Depends who's around Jack - last time I went the Hastings was open. One day I hope the Shackleton will be open. Prehaps the best bet would be one of their 'Open Cockpit' days

The 'Shack' should be open today, with a Canberra B(I)8 cockpit open tomorrow. Can't find when the next 'big' one is, but here's the website - http://www.newarkairmuseum.org/index.html

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