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Situk with ORBX's SAK...

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Situk is a part of the McLeland Field complex and I was wondering how it was going to fare with SAK being thrust underneath it...As it happens it is looking good:-



Situk is the home of the "Taildraggers Club" and normally three WACO's...



...use these tiedowns.



The tiedowns are mine; as is the building under my left wingtip and the french looking tower...The other two buildings are part of SAK.



The building behind the prop and the flag pole and waving stars and stripes are also SAK.



The two small huts in the distance, with smoking chimneys, are also SAK...



and the fuel tank is theirs too...The campers are mine...



...as are these two.



The runway is very nice and definitely better than the one I had.



I have really taken to this little Cub...Being rather inspired by Rinker Buck's book "Flight of Passage".



It is so very manoeuvrable at low speeds and I just love flying around to explore scenery.



Considering that I have moved absolutely nothing here, I am delighted with the fit of my Situk on top of SAK's



I do have some Flattens to make at McLeland Field though!...



...but the Ranch is looking good and just needs one change of ground texture.



Turf Green is looking good except for a bit of flooding and I have just pushed my Cub...



...into the end Hangar


Thanks for looking  :thanks:
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Glad it worked out for you Peter. :)  The only thing I see is that the campers really should not build a campfire to close to that fuel tank. I wonder if FEMA can help you out with rebuilding McLeland Field. :D

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