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Does anyone use this combination at all.

If I record a flight using FS Recorder and during that recording I use EZdok to change various camera positions this is not seen after the recording when played back. So I start in the cockpit view for take off and this is all that is recorded and the other camera views are not being recorded.


If I do the same but don't record the flight with FS Recorder and use the default playback tool in FSX all of it is seen correctly.


Any ideas?



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I'm not an expert with FS Recorder, but my understanding is that its function is just to record the movement of your aircraft in 3d space and time, together with certain 'states' the aircraft is in during the flight; such as whether the gear is up or down.  The idea is that you make that basic recording while controlling the 'plane, then replay the flight (ie without having to be in control) while capturing a 'movie' using your software of choice (Fraps maybe) and creating the camera angles using eg EZdok.  That gives you the freedom to stop and start the FS Recorder 'track' at will, while practising your directorial skills!

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