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  1. A little trip I did today from Walter's strip at dawn, up to fall city but via Vashon Island. Great airport at Vashon which I didn't even realise was included, it must have been an extra with another of purchases maybe? Anyway enjoy the shots, comments welcome.
  2. CaptHill


    Thanks everyone! Sabre, follow this thread.......the settings included for REX, Water Config and ENB have transformed my flying experience. The settings are bang on. Throw in an ORBX weather theme and your screenshots look great. I have posted up some more shots also. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/42772-leaving-starks/page__fromsearch__1 Rich
  3. CaptHill


    Hi everyone! I have been enjoying the pacific north west region just lately and thought I'd share a couple of shots, more to follow soon! Comments are always welcome, I have focussed on getting my REX themes and ENB settings just right lately. Rich
  4. Hi everyone, I have recently been thinking about purchasing PNW from FTX, after having the OZ region i'm sold on their products. However I have a question, after I buy it I will def look into airstrips to add to the area. Is there a way to view where the strips are in relation to each other, in the same way you could with the Oz region? Obviously I want to buy strips that are in places I will fly between etc etc. I am open to any ideas of what order/preference I should buy the strips. Thanks for any help. Rich
  5. Guys, I have been reading around this Prepar3D and i'm a little confused.........well what is it? A standalone sim? An add on? Thanks in advance Rich
  6. Hi everyone, has anyone here tried FS economy? I use it and wondered if anyone uses this instead of Air Hauler. I am deciding if I should buy Air hauler?
  7. Hi folks, I have been away from the forums for a while now, due in part to an addiction to F12011! I decided you know what I can do both together! So I dusted down the commander and thought i'd do some proper IFR So I made a westerly turn after departure from runway 27 at Bristol airport and headed for unrestricted airspace out over the severn bridge.....£6.00 to cross now! I followed the M4 until it branches into the A449 and followed up to my home town of Usk. My house is just below the prop tip. After that I thought why not follow the Usk river leading up the valley into Abergavenn
  8. CaptHill

    F1 2011

    guys I will buying F1 2011 this year on PC. If I install it on my D drive will this effect flight sim at all that is installed on the external hard drive I have? Will it take away power from the flight sim installation at all? or just run independently? Thanks Rich
  9. Thanks for this one Mut! I won't be missing out on this! I am a huge fan of the 737 PIC version I have.
  10. Hi Mut, thanks for this. If i go down the payware route I will at least now know what to do to get the paint installed properly. If I get the Acceleration pack I fear having to install all my add ons again?! Rich
  11. Guys I am currently setting up a few things on FSX that involve transporting the US President. I have improved scenery for the white house and Washington, secret service and motorcade at Andrews and the South lawn. Airforce One is sorted by way of PMDG 747 and the repaint, as is Airforce Two with Captain sims 757 and the Mcphat repaint. However one thing eludes me.....I need a model and repaint of Marine One helicopter. I am aware that a repaint is available for the FSX acceleration pack, however I do not have this and therefore I am looking for a freeware model and repaint. Any ideas? Would
  12. Thought I'd share some shots of ORBX and OZX scenery which has meant Australia flying is now my favorite. OZX and ORBX teaming up! This was my first visit and i was amazed! On duty! Outback Here will do nicely! Better eat the bananas then! Comments, as ever, welcome! Rich
  13. Thanks everyone! Martyn, yes it is indeed Murray Island and my god the runway is short! Because it is elevated so high up on the island it's very difficult to judge, it reminded me of trying to judge a carrier landing, except I'm doing 80kts. To get the people flow (man on bench) you will need the scenery but also the latest libraries to ensure people flow is good to go! Look here towards the bottom http://fullterrain.com/support.html
  14. Just some shots I thought i'd share with you. Thanks for viewing - comments welcome as ever. Rich
  15. Thanks Joe! I was thinking about a scenery package for Nice, since i am off there on my holidays this year. But i wonder if there is a good scenery for Calais? I must get a good one for Mutley Field too!? Any recommendations? Rich
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