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  1. A320cap

    Le Concorde

    Fantastic shots Soya!
  2. Indeed I get the same message
  3. Wow indeed it's very neat one suggestion though . If you click for example on the "reviews" page, then the Home menu is highlighted instead of the Reviews one...i hope you get what I mean
  4. Hi guys! How are you all doing? This summer was fantastic for me! I travelled to Washington D.C. and I though I
  5. Cheers Mut'. Will wait for Win'7 as I don't want to get Vista then have to make another descision. Why don't you download Windows 7 RC x64? Here is a link if you are interested
  6. Terribly sorry I'm so late, but only now I had time to check what's goin' on here :biggrin:. Anyway ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  7. I've had similar problems when using ActiveSky Advanced....What I did is to check in FSUIPC, under "Winds" an option called "Smooth wind changes around the aircraft" or something like that. However, you would need a payware version of FSUIPC
  8. john, I believe you are a bit too optimistic. A) a ditching in an ocean is extremely difficult and if they did manage to ditch, wouldn't they be carried away by the large ocean waves?
  9. Latest information say the plane had reported an electrical failure when flying through a thunderstorm
  10. Cracking screenshots! Especially the ones over the Canyon A lovely system you got there :smile: Are you satisfied with your aTi 4870x2?
  11. I believe Manchester will win... However, I'd prefer a match between Chelsea and United ...It was sooo unfair for Chelsea not to have been given 4 penalty kicks!
  12. Happy Birthday!!! :smile: :great:
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