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  1. Thanks a lot! I'm running FS2004 so no Orbx! The Glacier Bay textures wanted to go into the FS9/texture folder. I didn't realise they weren't read from the FS9/FSAddon directory. Once in the right place, the scenery came to life. Regards, John
  2. This screen-shot of Haines, PANH says it all. All the Glacier Bay airports are affected. I run W7 x64. I do not have Tongass Fjord or Misty Moorings. I'm desperate for a solution! Please help! Thanks. John
  3. Is the FTime gauge in the Mutley downloads? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks, John
  4. I'm afraid I'm out too. I also missed the briefing. I've got the pdf link now, but the dear old Duchess will never reach the dizzy heights required. Maybe next year! John
  5. JoHubb


    This is one of the last editions of this bimonthly journal (Nov-Dec 2000). It is in very good condition with no scuffing or tears. If anyone is interested as a collector, pm me. I will send to UK post free, no payment required. John
  6. A very lucky escape. The instructor did not appear to do any routine engine failure checks. So far as I can see he did not switch tanks, did not apply carb heat, did not ensure that belts were tight, and did not open the door just before touchdown. On the other hand he was low altitude and made the decision, in my view correctly, not to bother with checks, but to make a Mayday call and look immediately for a safe landing site. It's easy to be critical but this chap got three very big things right. Number 1 - he kept the aircraft flying. Number 2 - he didn't kill or injure anyone on
  7. As I feared, I've been loading this up unneccesarily for years Thanks for putting me right, Joe.
  8. I have done a fresh install of FS9 using new HDDs. As part of this I have installed GE Pro along with a goodly number of ground textures for the various types of cloud covers. Must I run GE Pro each time before running FS9? In other words, when the PC boots, does it re-install the default FS9 textures or has it retained the GE Pro textures from a previous session? I also run FSX but on a different PC. I've gone the Orbx route with it. I'd be grateful for advice, so thanks! John
  9. Many thanks, Brett, and Arnie for the dropbox link I will give it a go - see what happens. John
  10. Has anyone any experience of a set up like this? I run GE Pro and REX. I realise I am getting near the peak of what is possible in FS9 but I saw some great screenies made with ENB on board. Thanks! John This PC for FS9: Q9650 3.0GHz; 4GB (tweak done); GTX 260 2GB; Win7 x64 Home Premium
  11. JoHubb

    Flying Trips

    Thanks a bunch, Brett and JDA! These are just the sort of thing. I'm a member of DCAirways and missed those flights completely. FTX Vectors should make a huge difference, I agree. Who would've thought so much great stuff could be coaxed out of buggy ole FSX?
  12. JoHubb

    Flying Trips

    Thanks, Brett. I've done an 'Around the World'. Now I'm looking for something can be flown in a few days as per a RW trip. I should have said, VFR only. It doesn't have to be a group flight, just one that was flown for real, hopefully with some comments about the experiences en route. For example, the current route to Pisa is: Denham (UK), Troyes (France), Cannes (France), Pisa (Italy), Venice (Italy), Portoroz (Slovenia), Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, St Moritz (Switzerland), Friedrichshafen (Germany), Freiburg, Meinerhagen, Spa (Belgium), Seppe (N'lands), Denham. It took best part of a
  13. JoHubb

    Flying Trips

    I'm flying a tour in FSX based on a real world trip in Europe in 2002 flown by a squadron of assorted single-engined Pipers and Cessnas. I'm looking for more real world tours of this sort. Does anyone know where I might find them? I've tried pilotweb without success. Thanks, John
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