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  1. lol.. My pleasure, of course. And gentlemen, all I need is honest opinions, and there I got them. I thank you for that really. Fair play to you men.. love this forum even more.
  2. I'm sure the closed chance will be a major blow for the reviewer sir.
  3. while waiting for Mutley's Stuka review, this might help if you're about to purchase... http://asn.aerosoft.com/?p=26768
  4. I actually got the review copy after Airliner World Indonesia (written in Indonesian language) asked me to write a review on 'whats new'. It was not an in depth review (they only provide one and a half pages doh!). I also didn't write about the system wise profoundly. But in my opinion, it is still the best existing bus. It is obviously better than FSLab for an obvious reason. The only thing that bugs me is the throttle settings. And Steve, the enhanced sound creator, has just passed away, someone has managed to continue the work to be released in the next update. I own Airsimmer, and Blackbox
  5. Not far from Canakkale near Dardanelles, during world war 1, in the middle of a fierce gunfight between Turkey and allied troops, an ANZAC officer saw a young australian soldier running to him, he then asked, "Did you come here to die son?" The young soldier answered with a thick australian accent, "No sir I came here yesterdie,"
  6. Hi IMO F/A 18 Blue Angels that comes with FSX Acceleration is actually pretty good. I'm not planing to go deeper in system and realism so I skip that VRS but I'd like to enhance the Hornets a little bit. So far I have a free sound pack and HUD enhancement. I was surprised that a guy named K. Copland wrote a comprehensive manual as if it were a payware addon. However, it is quite hard to find repaints. hints anyone? and what options are available to make the default jet become more realistic? It'd be greatly appreciated. ps: Does anyone here actually enjoy flying the fighter? I'm worried abo
  7. And hopefully the best. Welcome aboard. John Thank you sir What brought me here is the entertaining reviews. I actually bought Milviz 310R after reading the review here
  8. My first post here. Hi peeps. I second all the opinions above. you dont have to believe me but I'd say, this hobby makes me a better person in some aspects, not 'financially' but it does good things. I started to realise this hobby had become an obsession when completing the regist steps here at MH, this becomes my 5th Flight Simulation Forum in the net. Respectfully
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