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  1. Hi, Phil, I own the PMDG 737-800, as well as the 737-700. PMDG is meticulous in striving for detailed accuracy. Wonderful aircraft and screenshots. Dan
  2. As an afterthought, I offer this question that may be answered in time: Will it be possible to run MSFS on Linux using Valve's Proton technology (which enables running Windows-only games on Linux) together with Nvidia's DLSS technology (found in the most recent Nvidia graphics cards)? The idea is that DLSS would compensate for loss in speed caused by the Proton layer. The first question leads to another question: Will Microsoft allow it? Microsoft could either ban it outright, or they could sell MSFS licenses that would allow running MSFS on Linux. Dan
  3. (I write this the day after Microsoft announced the system requirements for running Windows 11.) I run three operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux), and I select which operating system to run using hardware switches. I continue to run FSX on Windows 7 because Windows 7 has the best user interface of the three operating systems and because FSX does not require online access. Through functionality enabled by certain add-ons (such as Heli Traffic 2009), FSX continues to offer features found in no other flight simulator. My six-year-old hardware easily handles running both W
  4. Hi, Phil, When you installed the Nvidia drivers, did you do a clean install? Have you run chkdsk /f? If you're using a hard disk drive rather than a SSD, have you defragmented the hard drive? Have you run sfc /scannow from an administrative Command Prompt? Dan
  5. An informative review of VR in MSFS can be found at Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR: A turbulent start for wide-open skies
  6. I run three operating systems on my computer. Proudly, I have blocked access to Facebook on all three. Dan
  7. As of the afternoon of November 1st, there has been no MSFS hot fix issued in the eastern United States. However, a new liveries mega pack was released on November 1st, which fixes the liveries issues. (The liveries problem was the only problem that I had been experiencing).
  8. The new update broke freeware liveries, too. I had installed 600 liveries from the latest mega pack. Right now, none of them work. I hope the hot fix remedies the problems without breaking something else!
  9. Arnie, I followed nearly all of the suggestions in Nick N's "Bible" for Windows 7, but, as I recall, I didn't do so until after I had installed MSFS in Windows 10. I'm glad to hear that your P3D installation was successful. Oddly enough, I haven't been able to replicate the "press any key" problem in the past few days. Maybe I've just been lucky, or maybe some change has been made on the server side. Dan
  10. The zendesk article confirms my previously-stated suspicion that the problem could be related to version 2004 of Windows 10. With update Tuesday almost here, perhaps it would be best for Arnie to delay another try until after installing the latest updates. Of course, there are three possibilities with the latest updates: 1. No difference. 2. Problem solved. 3. (Gulp) problem worse. Hopefully, Arnie, your P3D build will be successful, which would indicate a general lack of corruption in Windows 10 and no need to repair or reinstall Windows 10. Dan
  11. Brett makes a very interesting observation above. It makes sense that there can be no working response to "press any key" if the focus has gone AWOL. Dan
  12. Another possible workaround when pressing any key doesn't work, is to press a mouse button. This worked for me, this morning. It begs the question: When starting MSFS, does MSFS sometimes think that I'm using an Xbox game controller rather than a computer keyboard?
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