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  1. patrico

    copy & paste

    Thanks Joe that worked fine was driving me mad
  2. patrico

    copy & paste

    hi, is their a certain procedure to follow to use cut an paste on here
  3. some great ideas Stephanie
  4. I meant NOT mine (that's what happens when you do not preview)
  5. your right Joe but for some reason mine
  6. thanks Joe just need to figure out how to save it
  7. Hi everyone where is the TOGA button ON the FSUIP calibration list that I can bind my joystick to or what I it called, also trim up and down
  8. Hi Stephanie I have well and truly banjacked the set up Matt did for me with FSUIPC so its back the drawing board and read the manual. I may download SPAD and check it out. Thanks for all of your help over the last few days.
  9. hi Steph and thank you so much. So far so good I was able to follow your instructions, unfortunately Matt did all the FUSIPC calibration as I know very little I have only one controller. can you also tell should the box engage controllers be checked or not
  10. forgot to mention STEPH this is the controller that comes with the yoke
  11. Thank you Steph for the reply. Its part of both I have the paid version of FSUIPC but the infamous FSXGenius set up the throttle and now I do not have a clue
  12. Hi everyone Hope all is well, question I have today is how do I calibrate the throttle component of my Saitek Pro Flights Yoke System. When I go to taxi and touch the throttle lever, it reacts like I have just reengaged TO GA
  13. no Chris not yet I have been waiting (it looks like in vain now)_ for some technical advice
  14. I have 2 controllers both Saitek, an X52 and a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, is it possible to use the X52 throttle controller on the Pro Flight Yoke system
  15. patrico

    Cosford 2015

    yes it was a slip of the finger Geoff but the clue was in the subject line which was not misspelled
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