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  1. I am glad you are mixing the regions up a bit. It gives everyone a chance to get a piece off the pie. Can't wait for NE Texas 5 major cities to fly through.
  2. Thanks hifly, I took your advise and it helped. I also realized that I had fsx booster set for 4096 pixels and I turned it down and now I get 25fps.
  3. Thanks Chris I will wait for USA and just mess around in Europe for now lol. Your work is amazing just need to figure out the fps hit
  4. Ok so I flew in NEUK out off London and I was blown away! It's as real as you can get imo, but I have ftx global and vector and all in all it has brought my processor to its knees. I am over clocked 4.4ghz and my frames went from solid 25 to .7-10 flying over London, is there a manual to read? I see the scenery is 3-2-1-0 and base. They all came checked after install so I would like to understand what each one does so I can adjust to something more reasonable.
  5. Thanks Chris. I'm about to buy NEUK and I was thinking about getting that 3d lights project North America. Has anyone tried that? Is it worth it? It looks good but not quite like NE looks. I was thinking I could buy that for North America and get NE for Europe.
  6. So I was thinking, the product is reasonable in price for an area (about 20.00 USD) but it will cost a small fortune to buy all the areas as they are currently being split up. I'm guessing more then ftx global base at 100 bucks. Can I assume this will be correct?
  7. Is anyone working on the USA? I'm loving this!
  8. I really like this product but I mainly fly in USA. When can I expect coverage of the USA Chris?
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