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I am a retired airline instructor pilot. I wear glasses so my un-corrected vision prevented me from meeting the airlines new pilot hiring standards. However, it did not prevent me from becoming an instructor. During my career as an instructor on the 'big iron' birds, I taught ground school, recurrent training and initial pilot training courses in the actual aircraft and in the level D full flight simulators.


During my instructor career I worked for all three US jetliner manufacturers at one time or another: Lockheed (L-1011 TriStar), McDonnell Douglas (MD-88, MD-90) and then finally Boeing (B-717). I finally got on with a major airline in their flight crew training department and instructed in their level D full flight simulators until I retired. I worked out of KLAX (Los Angeles) in their pilot training center for many years.


I enjoy using FSX as my flight simulator program. I am fairly new to the PMDG 737NGX 800 and am very impressed with the realism it has. I fly it mostly with the auto pilot on so I can keep my IFR thinking skills as up to date as possible. I don't feel the need to hand fly it too much.


I have created some 737NGX training videos. I felt the need to bring some professional airline training standards to the 737NGX flight simming community. I created the Basics Boot Camp Series of training videos, aimed primarily at new flight simmers and also those who have not had an opportunity to be exposed to airline level training standards.


But I do not do this alone. I have five highly experienced and skilled flight simmers (their names are listed in each video) who review my videos before they are released to my YouTube 737NGX Channel. The end result is that the Basics Boot Camp Series of training videos is among the best, if not the best, you will find anywhere on the 737NGX. And they are all available free of charge. All you have to do is visit my YouTube Channel and watch!


My YouTube Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rfresh1011


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