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  1. For Flight Sim Commander you'll have to run the FSCDbManager. (It's in the install directory of FSC)
  2. Hi, I recently upgraded my 2 pc's to Windows 10 and everything works almost flawlessly. There's one issue however that I didn't have with Windows 7. I use two pc's for flight simming. I fly on one and the other has a lot of utilities like Radar Contact, Flightsim Commander and Google Earth to follow my flight. To use these programs on the second computer when I'm flying I use a great little utitlity called Input Director which allows me to operate both computers with one mouse and keyboard via TCP/IP. Now when I'm flying the PMDG NGX and slide my mouse to the second computer, the PMDG soun
  3. That's an idea. i could always ask for a "direct to" which is always granted. Why didn't I think of that ?
  4. Thanks Bruce, I thought it would be something like that. My VA however requires me to accurately file my flightplan so I guess I'll have to put all the changes in at the appropriate waypoints. Ok, so I'll have another beer and see if I can fly this mother.
  5. Thanks Bruce, I'll check it out. Although I'm quite familiar with the RVSM rules sometimes they are impossible to implement.
  6. Ah, no at F360 it wouldn't be a VFR flight. I'm just trying to follow the RVSM rules in this part of the world but the short distances between waypoints make it almost impossible. Of course when ATC assigns me a different flight level, ok, but I have to plan according to the rules
  7. I'm building a flight from LIMC to LKPR using PFPX. The route PFPX comes up with is : N0455F360 SRN7G OSKOR UM985 TAGIP UT876 OGEPI UM726 KOGOL/N0457F370 UN871 NENUM UZ39 GOSEK. Now, the first part of the flight is in Italian airspace which has the NORTH/SOUTH rule. Everything fine so far : PFPX puts me at F360. At waypoint BRENO I enter Austrian airspace on a heading of 002 degrees, which should take place at an odd level. PFPX still has me at F360 though. Even if I wanted I can't fly this because 12 miles later I'm in INN on a heading of 357 and I'm supposed to go to an even level again. A
  8. Ok, I'm back, had myself a little vacation. I'm happy to say that Brian's suggestion worked. I created a new surround desktop (first had to untick the span displays option and apply otherwise it doesn't change anything) and voila : there she was again full screen. Great tip btw about the taskbar, I missed that completely so that's working as well now. Thanks ! Martin
  9. Thanks Bruce. I'll try that a bit later. It's too hot to sit in a room now with 30 degrees outside and 3 computers and 5 monitors giving off heat. I'll let you know.
  10. Ok. I'll give it a shot. I'm using a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse at the moment which is very convenient in a non-desktop configuration. I'll report back.
  11. For the past 6 months or so I've been flying full screen over three monitors.I used to have a Matrox TH2GO but this did not use the full resolution so I always had black bands on either side of FSX and it was indeed only windowed. But then I discovered the wonders of Nvidia Surround and I never looked back. I first maximized FSX in windowed mode over three monitors and saved it. Then I used a great little tool called FSX_Borderless (in the AVSIM library) You just drop it in your FSX folder and use it to start FSX et voilá : borderless over three monitors. My CDU (Opencockpits) is also con
  12. I'm sorry. I can't think of everything when describing a problem. Just assumed that when I don't mention a driver change it would be obvious there hasn't been one. My bad.
  13. I can start up the sim in windowed mode, maximize it over three monitors, then do alt-enter. I get a maximized, borderless sim but with the dreaded busy-cursor, no CDU screen and no windows task-bar, which is unflyable for me. There's nothing changed in the Nvidia drivers so why would rolling them back do anything ?
  14. Hi, I have three monitors on a GTX 780 with Nvidia surround enabled. The resolution is 5200 x 1200 There's also a CDU connected to the card. I used to start up FSX borderless wich always worked like a charm but suddenly I can't get it to work properly anymore. FSX is now restricted to a small square in the middle of the middle monitor without the possibility of maximising it. I've tried starting FSX in windowed mode, maximize it over three monitors and saving it, then starting FSX borderless but it won't work anymore, Does anybody know what's going on ? Thanks in advance. Mart
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