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  1. I change to full screen mode and the other monitors turn black and I can drag pop-ups to other monitors without undocking. Been a long time figuring it out, but hope it helps someone else. Thanks for responses and I love flight simming????????? Lewis B.
  2. When sitting at gate with engines shut down and APU running there is an audible alarm with no indication of what it is anywhere on overhead or on the panel. Very irritating. This is a short turnaround situation. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks Lewis B.
  3. JG, moving boxes to 2nd monitor and right clicking in black box does not work. Resizing sometimes makes it appear, but more times than not, doesn't work. lewis block
  4. Sometimes re-sizing will make it appear, but not every time. Drivers are updated, two monitors on GeForce 780 card, and one on the motherboard. Then took one off motherboard and added as a usb monitor which worked good on XP but not here. Please keep coming ideas. thanks Lewis B
  5. I am running Windows 7 and having trouble with pop up windows blacking out when moved to second monitor. This is a new computer and the old Xp computer worked fine. Both monitors have the desktop background on them and you can move other windows programs back and forth without blacking out. It only happens when I go to menu, click on radio stack-gps- fmc-etc and they appear on primary display with no problem, but when I undock and move them to second monitor, boom they turn black. Windows 7 has to work better than this, I just need someone to give me an idea of how to fix this problem. Th
  6. Solved the problem. Put together a new computer and had a bad memory stick. works great now. Thanks everyone.
  7. I have tried installing this 4 times and get the error message each time. I have built a new computer with all of the bells and whistles just to run my FSX and now cannot get it loaded. OS is windows 7 64 bit with ie7 4790 processor, 16g ram, Samsung 1tb sata drive, nividia evga gtx 780, mob is gigabyte Z97X, LG cd/dvd reader. Would appreciate any help. All of my research covers everything you can think of. Changing registry files to purchasing a new dvd reader.
  8. Thanks for the response. Will play around with it to see what happens. Thanks again
  9. I want to use the headset and mic in flight sim for a more realistic experience. How do I get started and what do I need to get this working for me? Thanks in advance
  10. Appreciate the responses to my inquiry. Will go with fsx download and will enjoy flying this 182. Thank you
  11. Of the four options available, which is the best for the money. I have FSX. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone for the responses. I believe I will stick with my keyboard that I have programed with Rodger Dodger key tabs to do the gauge adjustments etc. I felt like the touch-screen monitor might be a little slow and with you saying so will stick with what I have got. Thanks again and love this forum.
  13. I want to get a more realistic feel in flight simulation and use a touchscreen monitor instead of the mouse for gauges and instruments calibration. My question is what is out there that will work for me in the way of hardware and software? Thanks
  14. My experience with CTD results when I do a lot of right clicking on views and menu options. When I refrain from that, I can fly for hours without any problems. I have no idea why, but it works for me. I click and undock windows in 2D options on aircraft panel and move onto other monitors instead of using menu options. Hope this helps.
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