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  1. Will try that. Was the same thing when I installed Just Flights R44 but that was just an aircraft, now we talking about an addon that will change how the aircrafts will behave inside a simulator with code that's not written for it, Well well... A backup of my HD as it is now, install Helicopter Real Behavior and test it. The worst thing that could happend is that I have to reinstall my backup if everything crash. Thanks for your help. / Helisimpilot
  2. Thank you Brett for a quick answer. I'll take a look on Dodsims Bell 206. Still 2 issues though... It's an FSX addon and the helicopters I wanted better behavior for were the Robinson choppers since those are what I fly IRL. Testing X-plane is not an option since I only fly in Sweden and I use a very nice scenery addon called "Sweden Design", a scenery over all of the south of Sweden up to Gothenborg/Norrköping. It's handmade square by square, with all the cities and landmarks you can think of and, of course, all the airports in this are
  3. To start with.. My english in writing can be a little odd so please have that in mind when reading. Now the question... I fly smaller helicopters like the R44, R66 and Guimbal Cabri G2 IRL and use my Flightsimulator as a workingtool to keep my flyingskills during periods "on ground". Problem is that the choppers in the simulator doesn´t always react as in the real world. As an example... When your engine/turbine shuts down and you go in to an autorotation the real helicopter allmost emidiatly demands you to push the yawpedal ( witch one depends
  4. Seems like I've been able to solve the problem after all.... X. Some changes in the sfx.cfg-file. X. Run everything in "windows-mode", not fullscreen. I prefer fullscreen-mode but if I'll get this setup to work steady it's ok anyway, at least until I byu one of these Tripplehead2go-boxes. Pictures and sketches of the setup will turn upp here soon. / Thanx for cheering and help so far Helisim Pilot.
  5. Will get back soon with pictures and sketch of my set up.
  6. As long as I'm in a Windows enviroment there's no problem. The 3 27" screens is coped via Radeons software called Eyefinity and is recognised by windows as 1 big screen with a resolution of 6000x1280 pixels ( or something like that ) and the 19" screens shows as 2 seperate screens with a resolution of 1024x768. No problem at all to move things between them and work with different things. Runs like a dream ( well it works without any problems anyway... ). It's when I start FSX the tricky things start... X. FSX doesn't find my converters at all. X. Instead FSX find the 3 larger screens con
  7. To start with... My english in writing can be a little odd. Anyway... I've just finished building a helicopter simulator of an Robinson R44 with full setup of pedals and jokes and 5 monitors ( 3 27" for frontview and 2 19" for instrumentation and middleconsole ). I run FSX Gold Edition with Acceleration on a Win 8.1 computer containing processor and memory enough to make this work. The GPU is a Sapphire R9 280 3GB GDDR5 that is supposed to run the 3 frontview monitors. To run my 2 smaller screens I've found and connected 2 USB/DVI-converters. They work great as long as I'm in Windows or usin
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