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  1. Brett, that's a good point. Makes much more sense. Thanks all Ardalan
  2. OK. So I would be guessing that the other number next to the G, "46" given in the examples, would be the height of the runway? Thanks Ardalan
  3. Thank you, for the information. The chart is from KMCO in the US and it's an ILS approach chart Ardalan
  4. Hi there, I have been using Navigraph Charts for a while now and I had always wondered what 4 little numbers on every chart mean. I think they are altitudes but they are all different. The first one says "AD ELEV "Number" It is on the bottom left on an ILS approach runway chart and it's next to a compass ex: AD ELEV 96 Example The second one is a number on a little runway next to the runway length and next to a letter G which I believe stands for the glideslope ex: 46 G 2743 Example The Third one is on the same little runway diagram and i
  5. Ardy


    OK. I understand now. Thank you Peter for your help Ardy
  6. Ardy


    By, one thousand, I mean why is half of Europe covered by this airspace. Generally, there is only, for example, one Oakland Centre, but as you can see on this map, there are more than one EURMs. Ardy
  7. Ardy


    Oh, thank you, Peter. But then why are there like a thousand of the same control centre. Ardy
  8. Ardy


    Hello, I'm not sure if any of you use this program called VATSPY but it basically shows VATSIM traffic and shows who's online. Today, I noticed that some of the control centers were lightly colored in instead of darkly colored in and there was more than one of that center. I have included a link here to a screenshot I got just in case I didn't explain it with enough detail. It might take a while for the picture to load and become clear, but trust me, the text is readable. To anyone reading this post later, the link to the picture has been removed as the problem has been solve
  9. OK Thanks. I'm thinking about getting Steve's DX10 fixer. I've done a firmware update on my SSD and the problems seem to be gone.
  10. OK Thanks Bruce. I understand it much better know. I also think that CC has a good point. It makes sense. Thank you everyone for helping me understand that route. Ardy
  11. Oh OK Thanks. Do you know how would I enter VUZ333025 into the FMC?
  12. Hello, I was just on FlightAware and I found a flight from KBHM to KMEM. SWA 1863 This is the posted route NW9 VUZ333025 HAB LUGOH2 What does this route even mean? NW9 isn't a SID, Waypoint, NDB, VOR, or Jetway I also don't understand what this means "VUZ333025" Again, It's not Waypoint, NDB, VOR, or Jetway. I'm just a bit confused on what the route basically means. Thanks. Ardy.
  13. Ok Thanks. I think I will just leave it there as I am already running 30 FPS all the time except when in a highly detailed airport or bad weather in the PMDG 738
  14. Ok Thanks UKJim. I'll think about it.
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