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  1. Congratulations Jane and all the very talented members at Keystone, great to see this announcement. Regards Tony.
  2. Hi Alan Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family, The Sailors Hymn seems very suitable and I remember most of the words from way back in my Sunday school years. Thoughts are with you. regards Tony.
  3. Many thanks folks, I did try the search line replacing FSX to P3D, but no luck, that said I was given to searching through the P3D folders around your advice, I did find the paint kit and the manual in a folder called (3rd party) appreciate your pointing me in the right direction. regards Tony.
  4. @Captain Coffee, you seem to have missed my few points or at least taken those points in the wrong vain, the guys who helped me out when needed could not be classed as kids at Plus 40 where I am plus 60, but no back lash and no offence intended in the first instance. I may be better off going back into my Bat Cave so this topic can get back on track. Kind regards Tony.
  5. Hi Folks, I wondered about re painting for a while, I do have the Iris Battlefield Airlifter but alas no paint kit, the description at point of sale does list the paint kit, I have looked back at FSS where I purchased said Model and not found it, I also downloaded this again to see if it would be in this second download. no luck just the two installers for each sim. I have emailed support at FSS and hope to get a response but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone else here has this and is it reasonably easy to work with being I have no experience, (though I do follow work that others d
  6. Hi John, Bat cave where you can store a seemingly infinite number of weapons tanks and armour various other FPS gaming goodies FPS such as Battlefield series or even CoD and yes those Batman games as long as you can shoot someone and produce blood and gore without thinking past actually pointing a weapon I think, at least that's what the general reference indicated. Been there and done all that and with help from that community. > moved on Regards Tony.
  7. Hi Captain Coffee, I learned quite a lot from living in my bat cave, I had no idea how to map keys or to use an interface to improve graphics, People not much younger than I took the time to help me to understand how a Mouse DPI setting could make a world of difference, is that the muscle memory you mention because the list goes on. Simple fact is I wouldn't be here without my time in the bat cave and I am not alone,, 3 disabled people I know of in my town including my nephew touched into flight simulation having started out on some FPS Game, I have no idea how many throughout the
  8. Maybe those flat people could dig out a channel from the pool to the pond re directing from the leak and going somewhere usefull thus leaving them somewhere to have a paddling session. lol Sorry only joking and its something I wont see, though this does look very well done its not an Airport I would use in my usual course of flying. very nice work though. Tony.
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