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  1. I have X-Plane 10, is it worth switching to 11?? Thanks
  2. Thank you both for your opinions. I'm running windows 7 pro x64, is windows 10 pro x64 any better for gamming? I'm not sure if FSX-SE can take advantage of DX 12.....I did try DX10. Thanks
  3. I've been using ultimate traffic 2 for years and was wondering what others are using. I've read the reviews here and just what to upgrade. Should I stay with UT2 or go with Traffic 360 or My Traffic 6 or..... Thanks for your opinions and suggestions.
  4. Still no new info on how to fix the smartassembly error? I tried downloading the vista version and placing it in the main fsx folder, no help
  5. Hi I got it to work but I'm back on windows 7 pro. Not I have a stupid smartassembly required error message........
  6. Has anyone installed FSX SE in windows 8.1 yet? I installed it to C:\steam with fsx inside (no choice) and just wondering where to install my add-ons to. Thanks
  7. I found this you tube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v/+khBmOtRcSIQ
  8. Dumb question here, but how can I start FSX SP2 box in a cold and dark situation? Is there a FSX overall config file so all aircraft does this? I bought Captian Sim 777-200 and when I start at a gate or parking space, it open to the flight deck with throttle at 100% Their two bit tech support says it's a problem with FSX not them...........CS tells me to load one of their pre flights which is either one on a runway going??? or one where I'm in the cabin (with-out the stewardess) Thanks
  9. Well guys thanks for reading my post but I found the issue. In FSX under settings then the general tab, there was a check in the "pause on task" box. I unchecked it and finally it works!..........For now. Thanks again for your time.
  10. Hello. I just bought EZDok 1.15 and I installed update 1.17 and 1.85 beta. The problem I'm having is (and it happened in all 3 versions) is when FSX SP2 box edition starts in VC mode and I open EZDok, FSX pauses and I can't un pause it unless I close EZDok. I reconfigured all the keyboard commands and I can move around in the camera view while paused but no one seems to know how to fix this weird problem. Has anyone had this before? Is there a config file to change? I tried posting this on several boards and in several youtube EZDok videos but no one can figure it out including those who made
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