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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply! And yes we did met at Cosford. I have only bought the Wales and England parts of Orbx and therefore do not own Vector or Global. And OpenLC says I need that on the website. Is it limited to Global?
  2. Hello! I have recently installed Prepar3d and Orbx England and Wales. And I must say, unfortunately, I am very disappointed. Lets start with an issue I think of as the least important. Anyone who lives here in Wales knows that the scenery is very vibrant and green. However Orbx's Wales scenery (and England) appears very dull, grey and generally a bad representation of Wales. If this is an issue and the beautiful screenshots on the Orbx website are not works of Photoshop please let me know how to fix it! Secondly, and by far the most important issue is the fact that the water is BRIGHT GREEN!
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