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  1. Back from a LONG hiatus... but Ilyushin Il-96, Alan? I believe that's the Aeroflot one that caught fire on June 4th, 2014. Registration RA-96010. If I'm right, go ahead and submit another picture, Alan; I don't feel like cooking something tricky up right now.
  2. Another version (more clear) of the video Andrew posted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEDZerwU7uE Also, I've seen pictures of survivors coming out of the plane with luggage... it always makes me sad and frustrated that some don't fully treat the situation with seriousness.
  3. Hey guys. So I have been lurking quite a bit lately and figured this would be a good time to come back to active status. SFO is my local international airport. Pretty much all I've thought of has already been said, so I decided to just post a couple of more pictures (not taken by me). Also, obviously not as important as compared to the loss of life and the causes, but it looks like the B777's perfect safety record in terms of fatalities is gone... . The above image is NOT a final report/conclusion and should not be taken as such. I note that
  4. Thank you everyone for the kind comments!
  5. Courtesy of Aerosoft Corfu X! Started out with an AirBerlin 738. Just testing out the ENB series. I then jumped into the F/A-18, and started intercepting random aircraft. Bonus picture (don't focus on the land, focus on the water. ): Thanks for viewing!
  6. How did you get SLI to work with FSX? I thought FSX only recognizes one card, so SLI/CrossfireX isn't really worth it for FSX.
  7. Go ahead. Nice job. I believe the copyright info gave it away, and the airline. Was hoping some people would confuse it with the 737. Almost the same, except the Mercure was a fail in sales.
  8. Okay, I won't be able to post my pic, because I won't be able to access the sim in the next week or so. So I will give the picture submission title to hurricanemk1c, who guessed it publicly after me. Cheers!
  9. Thanks John. I'll post my submission tomorrow; got to go to bed now.
  10. All right then, I'll contact Saitek support. Many thanks John! I'm also going to test the joystick on Microsoft Flight and on Battlefield 3 just make sure it is the joystick and not the sim.
  11. Actually, I don't own rudder pedals. I have only the X52 twist-grip joystick and the throttle. And I have tried on two computers; my desktop and my laptop. But thanks for the quick reply John, much appreciated.
  12. First, let me say that I have possibly exhausted every solution I've read on (calibrating, installing Saitek drivers, autorudder on/off, etc.). Second, I'm deeply sorry if this has been posted before (I think it has, but the OP's solution was to fix up his cabling/wiring). Anyways: When I'm on the ground, in the air, whatever, the rudder starts turning sharply to the right without ANY input. When I try to force it back to the left, it worsens it. So, I end up having an aircraft go off the taxiway, or sometimes the runway, and crash into a building or trees. Which is VERY annoying. I've theref
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