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  1. Thank you Joe .. really enjoyed myself. Timings not too bad as well, just one leg was a bit out, I should have done a longer approach, next year haha. Cheers Matt, thanks for the encouragement and your company. Shorty
  2. Well trekkers .... here we are for the last leg of MEBAR 2016 , for me it has been great, getting back to some good ol nav stuff to keep the brain working. Those winds can really make a difference if you dont take them into consideration. Ok so here we go again ........ Ha some good weather again. all loaded and ready to go ..... yep another paint job Too much red wine and beer ....... not a good mix ha!!!! at least it was not an early start ....... nice touch ..... the waypoints led us thru the valley if we wanted to fly lower away fro the hills now and the first
  3. Hi all ....... Today we leave the beach and head back towards the hills and Switzerland for a big big BBQ in Bern. I hope you like todays pic's ...... I changed the plane again just so you don't get bored. 1st waypoint 1st T&G at LFLQ approaching LFHS OK, finally Bern ..... should be worth a good look around. All right ..... what time does the BBQ start Cheers again Shorty
  4. Well another fine day for flying France VFR and im sure the all expected wait is over to see how the F-27 fared in the T&G at LFCB ,,,,,,,,, so hang on and have a look. As you can imagine, there are not that many pics as I was pretty busy. I did some practice in the days before just to see how the aircraft would perform in that situation. I soon learnt I could not fly that approach that was published. So I modified the approach making it much longer as I could not do a turn inside the valley so, I basically flew over the target then flew south and then turned to the north into the wi
  5. Nice one Matt .. yes I was aware of the expected fun in the 3rd leg ..... at lest I see ..... yes I can see ... no clouds, fog or mist hahaha I'm doing this leg today .... stay tuned for the pic's Cheers Shorty Yes ..... Shorty is fine.
  6. The weather has improved and I managed to get the whole series of today's flight. No commentary needed as you all flew the same route. Amazing how in better weather (visability) less stress on the driver ... ok pilot. We will see tomorrow or the next day how the times panned out. But as a whole I enjoyed the flight and I hope you like the picks. Yep Nav has improved too. See you in a few days for the 3rd Leg ..... Cheers
  7. This is my first MEBAR .. another adventure I call these excursions, as they take me out of the normal comfort zones of flying civil jetliners around this small world we live in. This first leg was difficult for a photo opportunity .... as you all know it was dirty. I actually gave up ... it was hard enough just getting the way points right and I nearly missed the final airport, I had to do a hard and fast maneuver to get the plane down on the runway and get my time which was nearly spot on, if I missed it I was up for a go around..... and my time was up. Any way .... here are a few shots:
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