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  1. Success! Very easy to set up, fortunately had a spare port on my superb chilliblast. Delayed because work interfered with pleasure. Thanks John
  2. Many thanks John, I shall let you know my progress, buying the monitor tomorrow.
  3. Hi everybody. I am fairly new to simming but I would like to add a second monitor to my system. I would like to use it to display maps, GPS and other instruments, I just need to know how to do it. I have gone through the forum and can't really find the answers. eg what does undocking mean? Do I connect the second monitor to the graphics card? Sorry to sound a bit thick but I don't know. I have X-plane 11 running on a quite high end Chiili Blast with all the bells and whistles. Thanks in anticipation
  4. Took a chance and bought 2004, installed just fine, but will not run on my win10 machine. Keep getting do you want this app to make changes to your PC? Click yes but nothing happens. Anybody any ideas? Any help would be great.
  5. Again thanks for your replies to my HELP. Great suggestion from Jess have decided to try Fs2004. Also have decided to buy a Saitek 52 pro. Seems to have a reasonable rep. Unless anybody knows different.
  6. Phil Tandy


    Thanks everybody for your very swift responses. They have been very helpful albeit a little dispiriting and only confirmed my fears over my hardware. So now comes a long period of saving some hard earned and an even longer period of convincing my wife what a great investment it would be. I foresee endless bouts of tea making, washing up and God forbid IRONING!! Is this possibly the ultimate sacrifice to make in order play amongst the clouds? Once again many thanks although I don't see me making any more posts anytime soon. BIG SOB.
  7. Phil Tandy


    Help! I would like to take to the sim skies again. My last foray was fs98! I would like some advice on which sim to buy (even if it's not recent). My problem is that I have a relatively low spec machine. Win10,1tbhdd, 1.9ghz,1901mhz 2 cores, 8gig ram. 1gig graphics, 64bit. I have been on other forums with no replies, even if it's to say impossible. Hopefully you lovely people on Mutleys can advise.
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