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  1. Thats some good memory skills right there. I must have posted the same photos in about 2006? Possibly earlier. Used the same guess the aircraft when i posted that A320 recently too. (although that was a different photo) If i get another go, i promise to post a new photo/aircraft! On an off-forum side note, I havent forgotten to reply to your message by the way, i just havent done it yet
  2. I dont think any amont of googling would have got me that! But i did try... Anyway, sory for the delay....heres another cockpit....not the worlds best quality rendition, this one is from FS2004. I think its quite difficult, but guessable...
  3. English Electric Canberra? To be honest...im trying harder to get the loco
  4. It is indeed! Although two others did say A320, i will hand this over to you, as it is an A320-200, and you infact managed to link to the exact one! Original photo.... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Indian-Airlines/Airbus-A320-231/1057779/&sid=7b0429cae24c107ade318587f376c9ad And i will update my posts to include credit.
  5. I have decided to unveil a little more of the image as it wasnt entirely fair....any more though, and i would probably give it away. (If you are showing the same one as before, refresh the page)
  6. Okay, I have some more clues.... This family of aircraft first flew in February 1987, and there are a total of 4 in the family. This aircraft first flew in France in the 90’s before being taken to its current residence.
  7. Unfortunatley neither are right. Its hard to give any more clues without giving it away.....i might post a shot of some of the bits of the cockpit...that might be worth a go.
  8. Hello all, sorry i havent been back here to post clues sooner....however better late than never....cant believe there hasnt been any guesses though. Anyway, clues. I said that i couldnt find any FS versions of this aircraft. Not strictly true. I cant find any FS versions of this variant. And odds are you have had a go at piloting one of this aircrafts family in FS at some point.
  9. You got It! In FS9 (i assume its the same in FSX), its named as 'KTNT - Dade Collier Training and Transition.' Joe...here be the clues...I was just being sneaky! I bet you thought I was just being big headed! Most were references to TNT....The PMDG link is not so obvious, and you would only know it if you followed the same tutorial that i did when learning to fly the 737NG. But to cut a log story short the 5 flight tutorial is based here. I would give a little more information on that tutorial...but i cant find it on that-website-that-shall-not-be-named any more...probably a victim of the
  10. I thought I gave pleanty of clues...have another read
  11. It was a bit of luck to be honest, rather than being sure...something about its design made it look STOL, so I searched ‘’STOL, high wing, low engine’’ and after a bit of rummaging/refining found the Do28. Funnily enough, ended up on the Classic Wings website. It’s a neat looking aircraft though, and looks like a good freeware aircraft to fly. On to the next one...A real photo this time, as I haven’t been able to find any FS versions of this aircraft. It’s not my photo, but I will edit in the photo credit once its been guessed-correctly. (This one’s easy, but I don’t want to make it that eas
  12. I haven't got masses of supporting evidence on this on, so its a bit of a stab.... Dornier Do28 Skyservant? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dornier_Do_28
  13. So I suppose there would be mixed feeling about this one too... I'm not afraid to admit that i had a Maccy D's* so that i could go and have a nose...and she is rather nice inide. Theres also a full history of this bird in there. I think i am in the 'like' came with the graffiti one though....if its only going to be scrapped otherwise..... * Much as this is hard to believe, Macdonalds is much better in NZ. Partly becuse they have 'McCafe' bolted on, which is no different to Costa or Starbucks. And you can have Bacon and/or avacado with anything.
  14. When I was out in NZ we got visits from a P-3 and a C-130 to Hamilton International (NZHN). Always an impressive sight and sound! The reason they used to visit was that the airfield at their home base (which the name of escapes me right now, it was just north of Auckland) was undergoing a runway re-surface, so they used to let them all out first thing, they would come and buzz us, and then go home later. It wasn’t uncommon for the P-3 to spend time in the circuit too doing touch and go's...which made it interesting for us in the Cessna's and Katana's! I think it was also to do with th
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